Friday, May 4, 2012

Freelance Friday: 3 High Paying Work-at-Home Transcription Jobs

If you're looking for high-paying positions for transcribers, then you're in the right place. You've probably already heard of transcription sites such as Scribie, but sites such as this won't allow you to earn a reasonable wage. Scribie is great for a small, supplemental income when you have nothing better to do, but other than that, it's just not worth it.

Today, let's focus on some of the more higher paying transcription companies.

Check out our full list of over 50 work-at-home job websites!

These transcription companies offer part-time and full-time positions from home. Many of the companies listed require that you're an experienced transcriber and that you have knowledge of legal and medical terminology. You may have to provide proof of your expertise, whether in the form of a certification, degree, or past job experience.

If you're searching for online general transcription jobs, then this might not be the post for you. It's unlikely that you'll find a general transcription position that pays a high hourly or CPL rate unless you have several years of solid experience and knowledge of specific terminology (medical, legal, media, etc.), so keep that in mind.

I highly recommend investing in a pair of quality headphones for transcription if you intend to become a transcriber.

Transcript Divas

Transcript Divas is a reputable transcription company and they're looking for experienced, reliable transcribers. English must be your native language, and you must be able to deliver work on time. Attention to detail is important. Clients are the most important part of Transcript Divas, so providing them with the high-quality services they deserve is necessary.

You must have at least a year of solid experience as a transcriber (including face-to-face meetings, one-to-one interviews, focus group discussions, and telephone interviews). You must be availble during the weekday and must live in the United States.

Payment is aimed to "beat the average hourly rate for a medical transcriptionist working in the United States," according to the Transcript Divas website. This might range anywhere from $11 to $17 per hour.


SpeakWrite hires legal and general transcribers (it doesn't seem they are seeking general transcribers at this time, but bookmark their site and check back). You must have your own equipment (foot pedal, headphones, printer, plus specific software - see website). SpeakWrite transcribers earn 1/2 cent per word, so depending on typing skill, you could earn upwards of $12 per hour.

To learn more, sign up, submit an application and learn about the transcription qualifications.

Morningside Partners, LLC

Morningside Partners is a digital publishing company based in Washington, D.C. They're seeking qualified transcribers (Bachelor's degree, 3+ years experience) to work in-house or from home.

Morningside is a reputable company, having worked with big media clients such as CNN, FOX, and MSNBC. To be considered "qualified," you must be able to work alone and meet deadlines. Knowledge of current events is desired. Associated Press style is used, so if you're familiar, that's a bonus.

You must have your own transcription equipment and high-speed Internet connection.

To learn more and apply, visit the Morningside Partners transcription careers page.

Check out our full list of over 50 work-at-home job websites!


  1. I certainly don't think Morningside pays well. I type fairly fast and i worked for them three years and it only ended up to $11/hour AT MOST.

    1. Thanks for the info, Modera!

    2. Hi Emi, I'm from India and have experience in general transcription. Can you please refer me some home based transcription sites...

    3. Hi Arun,

      I know it is difficult to find international work-at-home jobs, but don't get discouraged just yet. There are hidden gems out there that accept international workers.

      Consider checking out Way With Words ( or ACUSIS Medical Transcription ( To the best of my knowledge, they both hire international freelancers like yourself.

      You could also try freelance job sites where you bid on gigs. Some of those sites include oDesk, ScriptLance, Guru, Elance, and RentACoder.

      For more websites that list jobs for individuals in India, check out

      Have a good one!

  2. Synergy Transcription Services is currently expanding its transcription team and is looking out for experienced transcriptionists to join its in-house team.

  3. Hey Emi, I am Medical Transcription from India having over 8 years of experience, currently working as QA. Can you suggest me any company to work from home for?

    1. Hello Deepak! I know that Virtual Bee hires globally. They have a U.S. group, and a second group. They state in their FAQ's, "The second of these groups allows all international individuals to participate, as long as the individual maintained a physical presence outside of the United States for the previous 3 consecutive calendar years. Entering the United States makes you ineligible to participate in our international program."

      Basically, that means that as long as you have lived outside of the United States for the past three years, you are considered eligible to work with Virtual Bee through their international program.

      I also urge you to checkout Scribie. I couldn't find anything regarding international restrictions, so perhaps you may be able to submit an application just to see.

      Finally, a partner of Morningside Partners is currently seeking transcribers. However, I'm not sure whether they accept international workers or not. You can always check it out, though!

      Best of luck!

  4. Hi Emi,
    I am from India having 5 years of experience in business transcription. Can you suggest some home based transcription sites?


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