Friday, May 11, 2012

Freelance Friday: Mommy Bloggers Wanted

I hope you're all having a great Friday so far!

Since Mother's Day is right around the corner, I'm dedicating today's post to all of the writing moms out there. If you're looking for a paid writing gig, or if you're trying to establish yourself as a writer, hopefully you'll find that at least one of these opportunities work for you.

Some of these positions are paid. Some are not. Some do not say whether or not they pay. Use your best judgement when signing up for any freelance position.

The reason I'm including both paid and unpaid positions is because most paid positions require that you have your own blog, a high page rank, and plenty of followers. Not all of us have a high page rank or hundreds of followers, so I've listed unpaid guest positions to help gain exposure and experience in the online "mommy blogging" community.

At the end of this post, I'll include resources to help you learn more about how to connect with other moms, be a successful mommy blogger, how to create a loyal following, and how to really grasp your readers attention.


Seeking writers, bloggers, and video bloggers for possible paid assignments in the future. Parenting is one of the categories, along with a few others. TypeAParent does not mention how much writers will be paid, but it does clearly state that writers will be paid. Learn more and apply.

Looking for the best mommy bloggers to create chatter for a home and garden company. Only a limited number of bloggers will be accepted and only top-notch bloggers will be considered. All writers will be compensated for their work. Learn more.


Searching for mommy bloggers with a high page rank and a loyal following. Writers are paid "very well" according to this job posting, and bonuses are available, especially if you do an excellent job at promoting your own work. They're seeking articles such as top 10 lists, and social content that really grasps the attention of readers but is relevant to other moms. Learn more.

Seeking regular bloggers who wish to expand their network, build a portfolio, and create followers. Writers who are accepted will be guest bloggers with a short bio included in their work, along with a link to your website (great for exposure). If you're an exceptional writer, you may have the opportunity to build a long-term relationship with USMomsToday and end up getting paid for your work. Learn more.

If you're a writer with something to say, consider submitting a guest post to SurfNetParents. They're seeking for parenting and family-related topics. Posts must be first-person without commercial links. It doesn't clarify whether or not there is an opportunity here for a paid position in the future. Learn more.

24-7 Moms
If you enjoy writing and focus on inspiring and connecting other moms, 24-7 Moms is looking for you. No experience is necessary to write for 24-7 Moms. Positions include a weekly writer, a monthly writer, or an occasional guest writing position. They're also accepting article submissions. I do not believe this position is paid. Learn more.

Seeking parenting writers who have great tips and stories. Helpful, insightful, and intelligent writing are desired. Must be useful, authoritative, or very entertaining. Website does not specify whether this position is paid or not. Learn more.

Resources for Mom Writers

A directory of the top mommy blogs on the internet. Submit your own blog and gain exposure in over a dozen different categories.

Mommy Bloggers Guide
Learn what it takes to create a successful mommy blog. Learn everything, from how to set up your blog, to how to monetize your blog.

PlayingMom - How to Be a Successful Mommy Blogger
Pretty funny and straight-forward three-part mommy blogging guide.

Mom Bloggers Club
Connect with over 16,000 other blogging moms.

E.T. Robbins - Writing in a Conversational Style
Learn to write in a conversational tone. This is the best way to reach out to your readers and help them relate to what you're saying on a personal level. Your reader doesn't have to struggle to understand the message.

Finally, "How Not to Get Hired for a Blogging Job."

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