Friday, June 22, 2012

Freelance Friday: 3 Paid-to-Write Opportunities

Happy Friday!

Man, I swear, this week dragged on. But, now it's Friday! Woo!

I have three freelance writing opportunities for you today.


- If you're a writer who is able to demonstrate expertise in your niche, then you may want to consider signing up for Scripted. Unlike content mills, as some people like to call them, Scripted doesn't allow you to simply sign up and begin claiming titles. Instead, you choose your expertise, and you will claim titles based on your niche. Payment depends on which assignments you're eligible to claim and write. Some may be worth $25, while others may be worth $15, give or take. Read the Scripted FAQs or simply visit - I love this website. It's fun and it provides the opportunity to earn money from your writing. They have a special section for content writers where you state what you'll do for $5. For example, "I will write a 500-word press release for your company for $5," or "I will write a 10-line original poem for you for $5." If someone likes what you're offering, they'll pay you and you'll produce the work. You'll receive more clients if you're a top-rated seller, so stay on top of your game! Visit - You've probably heard of before, but I had to list it anyway. They're currently seeking writers to produce content on topics including AIDS/HIV, bathrooms, asthma, bed & breakfasts, corvettes, homeschooling, web humor, sugar-free cooking, and various others. There are positions available for Spanish-speakers as well. Payment is made each month, and payment varies based on performance. Guides are required to produce 8 articles per month, or more, and must demonstrate expertise in their topic. For more information, read the Guide FAQs.

Really want the position? Well, know what NOT to do! Read this article entitled, "How to NOT Get Hired for a Blogging Job."

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