Friday, August 3, 2012

10 Websites that Pay You to Write

Ah, Friday!

I hope you enjoy this installment of legitimate, paid freelance writing opportunities.

Animation Arena (no longer available) is looking for writers to produce video game, comic book, and book reviews. No professional experience is necessary to write for Animation Arena as reviews are casual and not technical. Reviews must be at least 550 words long and must be 100% original. Payment is $15 per review.

Blissfully Domestic is seeking writers to create content on family, food, parenting, and home life, among other topics. They currently need step-by-step tutorials, unique craft ideas, and DIY home projects. Payment is $25 per accepted article (scheduling or publication) and there are numerous guidelines to abide by, so familiarize yourself before submitting an article.

Designussion needs design-savvy writers to produce content on topics such as WordPress, photography, and graphic design, among numerous others. Payment is $20 per post, but you must get approval on a specific topic before submitting.

FreelanceSwitch is looking for writers to produce articles on freelancing. This is a broad topic, so there is plenty room for creativity. You must be knowledgeable in your topic and web-writing is critical. Payment is $50 per accepted article, made via PayPal once your article has been approved.

Spyre Studios is seeking freelance writers who are design-savvy and practice proficient writing. The focus of Spyre Studios is inspiration, trends, CSS, HTML, WordPress, jQuery, and blogging. They are looking for articles, tutorials, and showcase posts. Payment is between $50 and $160 for articles and tutorials. The rate depends on the quality and complexity of the post.

Funny Times is looking for funny writers only. If you're not funny, do not submit an article. Print articles should make fun of otherwise serious topics, including---but not limited to---politics, relationships, news, parenting, death, religion, and, according to the website, "the human condition in general." Funny stories should be between 500 and 700 words. Payment is $60 for each story, and you'll be published in the print edition, which could earn a special spot on your resume.

Factoidz is a community of individuals looking to support one another as writers. You're able to write on any topic that you choose, or take on one of their special assignments. With Factoidz, you could earn up to $20 per review (on products, websites, and/or services).

ContentBLVD is looking for writers who know a great deal about blogging and guest posting. Content BLVD pays between $12 and $48 per article or post. After completing the application product, full details of payment will be released to you. Work is required to be at least 600 words in length, and must fulfill Content BLVD's requirements.

Get-Tuned needs music-savvy individuals to produce content for their website. You may write about anything regarding music---from readying instruments to be played, tuning, cleaning, playing, and maintenance of instruments. Payment depends on the usefulness of your article, as well as the amount of time it seems that you put into writing it. They have a very detailed pay scale on their website.

TutToasters is looking for writers to produce content relevant to their website. They accept articles, freebies, tutorials, and round-ups on topics such as SEO, website traffic, photography, business, blogging, CSS, AJAX, HTML, and graphic design. Before submitting an article, check out their style guide and familiarize yourself with their website content. All submitted work must be original. Pay is $25 to $50 per article or tutorial and payments are made via PayPal.

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