Monday, September 17, 2012

Blog for the Right Reasons

When I first started Freelance Lady back in January 2011, I didn't do it for the money. I did it because I wanted to share with others how I was making money via the power of the internet. Not to mention, I'm passionate about writing.

The mistake that most people make when it comes to starting a blog or a website is they do it for all of the wrong reasons. If you're starting a blog for money, then you're in over your head. It's been a year and 9 months since the official launch of this blog, and I have yet to break the $100 mark. Unless you're already affiliated with some reputable people or have some amazing contacts, you can expect a similar outcome in regards to finances.

If you're doing it for instant traffic and/or fame, you'll be equally disappointed. Starting out, I barely averaged 10 page views per month. Even a year later, I average a little more than 600 per month---and I didn't even expect that many page views.

What I did expect, however, is that I would be helping others out. I knew I had achieved that goal within the first 6 months when numerous individuals began contacting me with interview requests and praising me for my work.

That, my friend, is what keeps me motivated.

If you don't have something to keep you motivated that isn't simply for your own pleasure, you'll struggle. Choose a goal that benefits others as well as yourself, whether it's spreading awareness about a disease, helping others achieve a goal, or teaching someone something new, and stick to it. Once you reach that goal and realize that you've impacted others, you won't want to quit!

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  1. Glad I came across your site. THanks for the information.I checked out the Work at home Links you have on the right. Thanks again for posting:)


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