Wednesday, October 24, 2012

5 Steps to An Engaging Blog Post

How far into a blog post will you read before you decide it’s worth your time? Most readers are captivated by an interesting title and will read for about 6 seconds through the introduction before they are either truly engaged or ready to move on. Here are five steps to keep in mind when writing a blog post to keep your readers coming back.

1. Keep your title short, concise, and obvious. Tell the reader exactly what it is they’re getting into. A flowery or wordy title may mean something to you, but it is best reserved for creative writing sites. Popular formulas are popular for a reason, including “Ten Ways to…”, or “How to…if…”.

2. Use an introduction to further explain your purpose and draw the reader into your content. Your initial sentence should expand on your title. The 5-8 sentences following should inform your reader of what they can expect out of the rest of the post.

3. Start with three paragraphs for the body of your post. You can add more if your topic is particularly dense, but remember that clarity and simplicity are key to keeping a reader engaged. Each paragraph should present a new point or aspect of your topic. Start each paragraph with a sentence that ties it to the previous one while moving your reader forward into your next point.

4. Create a conclusion that wraps up your topic. Summarize your content in one or two sentences, without simply repeating lines from your introduction. Offer advice or thought provoking questions regarding your content, giving the reader something to take away from your writing.

5. Edit, edit, edit! No matter how excellent your ideas, they will be lost if buried in poor grammar, punctuation mistakes, or overly wordy prose. Take time to read over your work, even letting it sit for a day before going back to reread and finally post it.

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Amber Reeves is a content contributor to Culligan Nation, a water conditioning company which sells bottled water, water filter systems and water softeners.

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