Monday, December 31, 2012

Paid to Write: Green Light Articles

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When I first came across Green Light Articles, I hadn't heard much about it. The website was very simple. Almost a little too simple. But of course, I love simplicity, and you know what they say! "Never judge a book by its cover."

After doing a little research, I found that there wasn't much information available about Green Light Articles. There are a few reviews, but they're mainly from individuals who have purchased articles from the site, not the actual writers. Because I'm used to seeing numerous reviews of a website prior to signing up, this made me take a step back and delve a little deeper.

Is legitimate?

My first goal was to determine whether or not was legitimate. In order to do so, I signed up and submitted a few articles myself. I earned $27 within a few days, and Green Light Articles paid me via PayPal the following week. Yes, they pay weekly.

How much does pay?
While I was unable to find much information about Green Light Articles' reputation with writers, I did find that those who have purchased work from Green Light Articles find the quality to be mediocre at best. This might explain why the pay rate is $0.01 per word. For a 900-word article, I received $9, and for a 400-word article, I received $4. While this may seem like chump change to some of the more seasoned writers, others will find that Green Light Articles provides a decent opportunity to earn a little cash.

Green Light Articles pays via PayPal once your account reaches the minimum amount ($20, or higher, depending on what you set). You're also paid for referrals, although I'm not sure how much at this point.

What kind of articles do you write on Green Light Articles?
The articles are fairly easy to produce and the topics are actually quite enjoyable. You get to pick your titles, so you won't get stuck writing about something you know nothing about, unless you choose to. My first article was about WordPress and my second was about tonneaus for trucks.

A new perk that was recently introduced is the communication feature. You can directly communicate with the client that you're writing the article for. This has been very helpful.

What are the downsides of writing for Green Light Articles?
One of the downsides of Green Light Articles is that the amount of work is unpredictable. At times, you'll log in with over 10 articles available to claim, but other times, there will be absolutely nothing.

The bottom line? Well, I think Green Light Articles is definitely a company I'd like to keep in my back pocket. While the pay is low and the work is scarce, the articles are enjoyable. If I am able to provide clients with high-quality work and improve the website's reputation, I can accept that.

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  1. Thanks for your review Emilia :) We are working hard to ensure that there is more work, and try to provide full time work for our writers.

    We also offer our top writers the chance to become 'premium' writers, where the pay is 20% higher.

    We have just built an API so if you know any decent traffic sites that would want to provide white label articles, please let me know and we can arrange a 'finders fee' if we can integrate with them :)

    1. Hi Colin,

      Thank you kindly for the added information about GLA. I have noticed an increase in workload recently, which is a welcomed change.

      I was unaware of the "premium" writers feature, which sounds like something that will interest both current and future writers.

      At this point, unfortunately I am unaware of any higher traffic websites that would be interested in providing articles, but I will definitely keep my eyes peeled.

      Thanks again for the extra information, and I look forward to providing more work for GLA.


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