Saturday, January 26, 2013

EBOG: Online Games You'll LOVE

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Ok, so, if you know me, you know that my son and I absolutely love to play online games. We both have quite a few favorites, and every now and then, I'll set off on an Internet search and discover even more gaming sites that we can share together. Carter tends to lean more toward racing and driving games, while I typically enjoy management and strategy games.

Today, I came across EBOG, or Eric's Best Online Games, and found that the site includes all of the games Carter and I enjoy playing. Management, strategy, shooters, racing, fighting---you name it, they've got it. My favorite game on the site is Papa's Pancakeria. If you've ever played any games in the Papa series, you know just how addicting they are.

Many of the games are family friendly, although there are some with violence, so I would recommend that you supervise younger children that visit the site. Teens and adults, however, will enjoy being given free reign of the site because there is plenty to explore. Oh, and give yourself time to browse because you'll want to check out as many of the games as you can. And don't forget to bookmark!

One more thing that I'd like to add is that I love a good-looking website, and EBOG is visually appealing. The colors are vibrant and the text is easy to read. The links are placed methodically so that the site is easy to navigate. It also looks like they'll soon be adding social networking log-in options, as well as a "My Games" section. This will certainly make it easier to find my favorite games each time I visit EBOG.

Check out EBOG and tell me what you think!

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