Thursday, September 29, 2016

What happened to Blog Distributor?

It's been four years since I last worked with Blog Distributor.

Blog Distributor, now defunct, was once a semi-popular paid to blog platform. ActSeed, a marketing company for startups, early stage companies, and small businesses, even joined forces with Blog Distributor back in 2012. It would appear that Act Seed no longer supports Blog Distributor, considering that Blog Distributor is no more.

According to what I gathered from the Frequently Asked Questions section back in 2012, Blog Distributor worked with companies seeking writers to help spread the word about their product, company, and/or service. Bloggers would share posts on their own blogs and websites and would be compensated.

When I first came across the website, there was a lot of buzz surrounding them and far more positive reviews than negative. I ultimately decided that it would be worth a shot.

Blog Distributor and Non-Payment

Within a few months of joining, I had completed six sponsored posts and had accumulated $36 in earnings, which was reflected on my Blog Distributor account. At the time, there was no mention of a payment threshold in Blog Distributor's FAQ section, although it did state that payments would be made "once a month." After a month, I expected my first payment. To my dismay, it never came.

After having contacted Blog Distributor regarding non-payment, I waited for a response that would never come. On April 1, 2014, I gave it one last attempt, sending a message via the contact form as well as through email. Two years later and I still haven't heard a peep—not that I expect to anymore.

Now, I do understand that $36 may not seem like a large amount—as a matter of fact, $6 per blog post is quite a low wage, but that's not the point—it was my time and my work that went into the blog posts for Blog Distributor's clients and I was never compensated for it. Whether it was $36 or $3,600, it's wrong no matter how you look at it.

It would appear that I'm not alone in this, as many bloggers have written about Blog Distributor's non-payment and the lengths they had to go to to even get a response from the company.

While Blog Distributor did pay some of its bloggers, others, like me, have long since given up on receiving their rightfully earned funds.

What happened to Blog Distributor?

The Blog Distributor website has been down for quite some time now. I think it's safe to say that they won't be coming back, at least with not without words from the blogging community. The domain,, is still registered to Bruce Chapman, according to a WHOIS search.

Bruce Chapman is the same Blog Distributor "CEO" that contacted Dean Saliba, a seasoned freelance writer and disgruntled Blog Distributor user, to state:

I am assuming that your complaint is about not getting paid. Our payment policy clearly states that bloggers outside of the United States get paid when they accumulate $100 in billings. You have only accumulated $72 in billings due. You should not be complaining about not getting paid when you have not met the standard billing amount. 
Curious as to whether or not Mr. Chapman had any ideas to rekindle Blog Distributor, I did a little Google research. Fortunately, it seems that Mr. Chapman has moved on from the now defunct Blog Distributor and currently works selling weight loss products. I would hope that he has learned some valuable lessons, but knowing that weight loss can only be done through a calorie deficit makes me wonder if this is another elaborate scam.

So, what do we do now?

There's not really much you can do, honestly. Unless Blog Distributor owes you a large sum of money, the court fees associated with a lawsuit seem hardly worth it. If you were owed a large sum of money, chances are, Blog Distributor has paid you since their closing. Bruce Chapman, CEO, seems to have put the whole incident behind him so I think it's safe to say that so can we.

If you want to prevent this from happening to you and others, then educate other bloggers about "paid to write" platforms and the importance of research before signing up. Of course, with Blog Distributor, there was little to no evidence of their non-payment being that they were a new company. This is precisely why it's so important for people to write about their experiences, good or bad.

I truly hope that the Blog Distributor non-payment incident will serve as a reminder to bloggers to sign up for these websites with caution. Research, research, research and never sell yourself short!


  1. Hi there, I too had a similar experience with this company, so I actually went in and altered the posts I had written... outing them for non payment of my work. That got a reaction, I got paid very quickly (on the condition that I delete any negative comments in the blog posts). Needless to say, they haven't wanted to work with me since. But at least I got paid!

    1. Hi KD!

      Thanks for your comment. After much research, it appears that you weren't alone in your dealings with Blog Distributor. Fellow writer, Dean Saliba, had to reach out to Blog Distributor's business partners before he was even acknowledged by Blog Distributor CEO, Bruce Chapman. I've rewritten this blog post to reflect that information.

      I'm happy to hear that you've gotten paid—perhaps I should alter the posts I've written for them? I highly doubt it would matter because the website is now defunct although the domain is still registered. I've long since considered it a loss, I just want to continue educating the public about situations such as this.

  2. I also worked with them. I got paid but I had to almost become a stalker in order to get my first check. I telephoned and emailed numerous times for a week. I was unemployed at the time and was waiting desperately on my $360.00. I stuck with them until I got a job because I never had that issue again and I had several blogs with high rankings so they increased my payscale. I feel terrible now that I didn't sat anything. I did search the net and found no complaints. I thought it was a one off since I had no further problems and increased payments.

    1. Hi D.S.

      Thanks for stopping by! It's good to hear that they did finally pay you and that you didn't experience any further problems. It's a shame that you had to track down your funds initially though.

      Blog Distributor has taught me that if there are recurring problems with payment (as there was in my case) to drop the company ASAP to avoid any more losses.


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