Monday, March 31, 2014

Get Paid to Write: HireWriters Update

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Just a few hours ago, I wrote a blog post about how I had just signed up for HireWriters. I am excited to announce that I was accepted--in a very timely manner, might I add--and was allowed to set up my profile, complete with a list of keywords that define my skills and expertise, along with a writer bio and samples of my writing (both of which, potential clients see). I was also able to update my minimum payout threshold, the standard for which is $10 and upload a profile picture as well.

So far, so good.

It also seems that HTML tags are allowed in your author bio and in your writing sample, so you can make it look nice for potential clients as well. I would recommend sticking with the basic tags, such as line breaks, headings, sub-headings, bold, italic, and bullets. Don't go crazy with color or with images. Keep it professional. Have a look at my profile on HireWriters.

The gigs available seem to be similar to those found on other paid to write websites. For example, I saw one client seeking 250 words for a matchmaking service, and another request for a 300+ word article on Michael Kors bags and watches.

Seems legitimate.

Now, here's the catch.

The pay isn't particularly impressive. In fact, it's what many writers would refer to as downright robbery. The highest paid article that I came across was less than $7 for 700+ words. Ouch! Now, in HireWriters' defense, it is due to the fact that I'm still labeled a "beginner." The higher paying gigs are reserved for the more skilled writers--the ones who have been there for awhile. It's because of this that I recommend HireWriters to only the writers who are willing to write for peanuts in order to work their way to the top--just know that the "top spot" is not guaranteed.

I think I'm going to go ahead and submit a few articles with HireWriters--get to know the system a little more in depth, and let everyone know how it goes. Who knows? Maybe it's not incredibly difficult to move up the ladder and onto higher paying gigs with HireWriters.

I guess we'll find out!

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