Monday, March 31, 2014

Get Paid to Write: HireWriters

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For all my writers out there, trying to make a living, I found another website that may benefit you.

HireWriters allows you to work as much as you want, get paid up to $20 per article that you write, earn bonus payments, and even earn from other positions, like proofreading, researching, ideas, and rewrites. They pay weekly (on Fridays), so it could be the supplemental income opportunity that you've been looking for.

I just signed up, so I'll let you know more once I hear back from them. The sign-up process is simple. Obviously 100% free (never, ever sign up for a "paid to write" website that makes you pay them). You enter the basic information, like your name, e-mail address, location, and so on. You then complete a grammar test. You have five minutes to complete it. If you're a native English speaker, this is the kind of stuff we learned in middle school, so you should have no problem with it. Once you've completed the grammar test, you'll be taken to a page where you'll write a 150 word essay on a topic they provide.

And that's it! HireWriters will contact you within 48 hours if you're accepted!

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