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Get Published in Print

Today, it is incredibly simple to establish your online presence as a writer, whether through a self-published blog, or through getting published on a website or virtual magazine.

While this is wonderful to get your name out there as a writer, you should still do your best to get published in print. Not only is being published in print almost a necessity to land internships and high-paying writing gigs, it is also essential to building a solid writer's resume.

Below, you'll find a list of print publications open to submissions. Many will pay for your work, and provide you with a complimentary issue if your work is selected to be published.

So, go ahead. Give it a try!

Country Woman Magazine
If you can write about crafts, food, entertainment, and anything else relating to the country woman's lifestyle, try your hand at writing for Country Woman Magazine. If your work is selected for publication, you'll receive a free issue of the magazine in which it appears, as well as any payment (mentioned prior to publication).

Neon Magazine
A literary magazine, Neon is looking for short stories, poetry, and flash fiction. The pay here is not nearly as substantial as other magazines, but it's being published in print that's more important. Payment is one contributor copy of the magazine, royalties derived from print sales, new subscriptions, and donations (averaging between  £5 - £10).

A Boy's Life
Accepting articles on a broad range of topics, A Boy's Life is a successful magazine about the Boy Scouts of America. Nonfiction pieces are major articles, about 500 to 1,500 words in length. Payment is $400 to $1,500. The magazine covers everything from sports and history to camping and fishing.

Cricket - A Children's Magazine
Focused on children, Cricket is searching for high-quality writing and illustrations for kids of all ages. There are separate magazines for different age groups.
Metro Parent
A southeast Michigan-based magazine, Metro Parent focuses on family life. If you think you can enhance the magazine with your submissions, give it a try.
Dog Channel
Dog lovers rejoice! Dog Channel is looking for nonfiction work about your beloved canine. Stories and features are accepted and should be 850 to 1,200 words in length. They accept submissions on a query-basis only. Payment is made on publication.

This Magazine
Queries are welcomed. The magazine focuses on national disasters, challenges mainstream media perspectives, and welcomes important stories that have yet to be told. Topics include politics, culture, social issues, feminism, and more. According to This Magazine's website, "Articles for This Magazine should have a journalistic approach, and be written in language simple enough to be comprehensible to a high school student, with enough research and insight to be interesting to a PhD."
Bible Advocate
One of the oldest religious magazines in America, Bible Advocate was founded in 1863. The magazine is published six times a year. For accepted submissions, payment is $25 per printed magazine page, up to $55. They purchase both print and electronic rights.

New Jersey Family
With a focus on parenting, New Jersey Family is a monthly magazine with a readership of 300,000. They accept relevant articles, and payment is approximately 10 cents per word for features, $20 to $50 for reprints (depending on length) and they also pay $5 to $15 per web-only articles and blog posts.

iPhone Life Magazine
A popular magazine found in over 60 countries and in stores such as Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, and Wal-Mart, among others, iPhone Life is currently looking for clever ideas from freelancers like you. Payment is $25 per printed piece.

Black Dance Magazine
Black Dance is a quarterly print magazine focusing on the international black dance community. The focus is pre-professional black dancers, company and studio owners, choreographers, and more. Black Dance is currently looking for cover stories, features, nutrition/injury prevention, upcoming shows, promising new dancers, dance innovators, columns, business, black dance fashion, makeup and costume tips, and more. Strong writers accepted, and should be well-versed in dance terminology, black dance history, and dance industry trends.

Regularly featuring emerging writers from around the world, ANGI publishes important new writers early in their careers. The print magazine is published twice yearly. Submissions may be accepted for print and/or online. Payment is $10 per printed page for accepted prose, $20 per page for poetry, with a $150 max. Writers who are published in ANGI will also receive a year's subscription, two contributor's copies in which the article/poem appears, and four gift copies.

Focused on HIV/AIDS, A&U is a nonprofit magazine that publishes articles about the pandemic. Advocacy, treatment and care, community-based organizations, campaigns, art, and more are only some of the topic covered.

A poetry magazine, 491 is seeking previously unpublished art and poetry. Send up to five poems or pieces of art, and if your work is accepted, you'll receive a hard copy of the magazine.


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