Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Blog Distributor Did Not Pay Me

Note: I have updated information on Blog Distributor which you can find here and here.

No, this is not an April Fools joke.

Blog Distributor did not pay me.

Last year, I wrote a complaint about the "paid to blog" website "Blog Distributor."

What is Blog Distributor?

Blog Distributor is a company that claims to pay bloggers for posting specific blog posts on their websites. I skimmed through their FAQs before joining, and thought it seemed legitimate. I even looked up a few reviews, and while some people had some issues with them, others seemed to enjoy them quite a bit. There was far more positive buzz surrounding the company than negative so I went for it.

My Experience with Blog Distributor

Within a couple of months of joining, I had completed 6 different sponsored posts on my blog. My account earnings reflected this, and stated that I had $36 waiting to be withdrawn. On Blog Distributor's FAQs, I read nothing about a payment threshold. It did, however, state that payments were made once a month. I expected my payment a month after I accumulated my earnings, but to my dismay, I never received a payment.

Now, I don't like to write bad reviews, but this particular "paid to blog" website has been nothing but trouble since day one. It's been a year and I have not received a single payment from Blog Distributor. What's worse is that I have written them several e-mails over the past year, and never received a response--not even an automated message acknowledging that they've received my message.

Updates on Blog Distributor

Today, I decided to log in and see what's up--if maybe I could finally contact someone. I visited the "Contact" page, and I couldn't remember if I had sent an e-mail to Blog Distributor using the contact form on the website, or if I had actually tried to use the e-mail address listed. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, so I sent a message to the e-mail provided as well.

I am still awaiting a response, but I'm hoping that Blog Distributor will be able to resolve this issue. I know it's been long enough, and that even if the issue is resolved, Blog Distributor has a lot of work to do before they'll be considered a "legitimate" work-at-home opportunity here on Freelance Lady. I'll keep everyone posted and if the issue is resolved, I'll say so.

Bottom Line

After messaging Blog Distributor, I also started my in-depth research on the company all over again. Before signing up, there were far more positive reviews than negative. Now, however, I am seeing numerous complaints of people not having been paid. In one instance, it took a man over a year to receive his earnings, and it was only after he had written a negative review about the company.

Updates to come!

Note: I have updated information on Blog Distributor which you can find here and here.

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