Saturday, May 31, 2014

Freelance Friday: Four Paid to Write Opportunities

Here are four possible writing opportunities for today. Enjoy!

News Bloggers Wanted: Write about mainstream breaking news, book reviews, etc. Writers are required to produce roughly five stories per week. Pay is €50 (that's Euros) per month. Opportunities such as press screenings, interviews, and more are also available.

Vape & E-Cig Writers Wanted: Engaging, exciting bloggers wanted to write about vaping, e-cigarette laws, product reviews on e-cigarettes and vapes, etc. Experience preferred. Excellent writing skills. Passion for vaping. Research-based. Pay ranges from  €5 to  €50 (Euros), depending on the length and complexity of the post(s).

Fashion Writer Needed: Seeking fashion writers to product 30 or more posts per month, along with 5 or more press releases. Work will be regular, and writers will be producing content for Australian and international brands.

Blogger Wanted for Pipe Site: Pipes 'R' Us is looking for a blogger to help drive traffic to their website. Ideally the blogger has high traffic and a young audience.

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  1. I know this is an older post, but being someone that works from home as a writer among other things, I would love to share this with the other readers:


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