Friday, June 27, 2014

Fashion: Creating Chic Rocker Styles

I have always loved the "rocker" look. There's something attractive about the rebelliousness of it all, despite me being a laid-back kind of woman. I've tried to rock the look, but unfortunately, not every occasion calls for the color black, spiky studs, and distressed jeans. However, I've learned to dress up that look for a more chic style that can be worn almost anywhere.

Above, you'll see three outfits--each representing the "rocker" look. What's different about these outfits, though, is that they're far less "grungy" than a typical rock style would be. The key to creating a chic grungy style is taking an innocent piece and transforming it.

After Party Rocker

The first outfit takes a classy, innocent, lacy blouse and turns it into a force to be reckoned with. By pairing it with a skater skirt and a chunky belt, it becomes more casual. Add the knee-high heels and the skull earrings, and you have a look that screams "concert after party!"

At the Rock Show

The middle outfit starts off with a loud, grunge-style top, but is toned down with the calm, white skinny jeans. Add a bold red necklace and stunning red heels and it turns the excitement up again. This is a great outfit to go watch your favorite band jam out.

Professional Rocker

Finally, we have a professional rocker look. The cream top--even paired with the black waist belt--is classy and timeless. Add black studs and it becomes elegant. But take it up a notch and add distressed black pants and a pair of studded black boots, and you've got a rock-worthy outfit.

As you can see, dressing up a grungy style is all about transforming innocent clothing into high-class, rock-show worthy outfits.

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