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Harvey Prince: Eau Fling Review & Giveaway

Some people like to call my collection of body fragrances an obsession. I call it being prepared. It's always nice to have a scent for every mood and every occasion, even if those bottles take up nearly two shelves in the hallway closet.

Today, not only am I excited to add to my ever-growing collection, but also to tell you about the fragrance that I've recently tried out--one that is quite different from the fragrances I currently own.

Enter Eau Fling from Harvey Prince.

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* Product and/or service provided for review without cost.
Harvey Prince's Eau Fling is described as "sensual and spicy" with "jasmine, lavender and pumpkin pie notes, which have been shown to attract and excite men." Being a married woman, I figured I'd test it out on my husband. ;)

The Packaging

The box, featuring both a man in a woman, lying next to one another in their undergarments, was a perfect fit for both the "Eau Fling" name and its description, all the while remaining tasteful.

On the back of the package, was a list of ingredients. What I appreciate most about Harvey Prince is that they focus on creating high-quality, eco-friendly perfumes, sans the toxic chemicals found in other body fragrances. According to the Harvey Prince website, the products are 100% cruelty free, "hypoallergenic, with absolutely no animal testing, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol, benzene, GMOs, or triclosan."

I did a little research on the ingredients, to better understand how Eau Fling is created.
  • Alcohol Denatur - Ethyl alcohol, or denatured alcohol, often used as the base carrier for fragrance
  • Covasorb - An oil soluble organic UV filter that also protects fragrances from fading
  • Aqua - Water
  • Parfum - Fragrance--Harvey Prince uses the finest natural and essential oils to create their perfumes
  • Tinogard TT - An odorless, tasteless phenolic antioxidant--used to prevent deterioration of ingredients sensitive to oxidation, such as perfume
Unlike other brands of perfume, Eau Fling had a significantly short list of ingredients. All of these ingredients adhere to the strict guidelines set in place by the International Fragrance Association.

The Bottle

The bottle, a bit different than the stock photo shown at the top of this post, was a 1.7 ounce transparent, slender, cylindrical shape that was a bit wider towards the bottom. The words "Eau Fling" and "Eau Sexy" were neatly printed at the top in a fun, flirty font. The bottle is a light shade of amber, and the lid, a clean silver. Aesthetically pleasing, to say the least, and it fits perfectly in my purse.


The Fragrance

I spritzed the perfume onto my "pulse points"--the wrist, behind the ears, and my neck.

My initial impression, immediately after the first spritz, was a piney floral--that of lavender--and fun "fruity" scents that I couldn't seem to identify. I later learned, based on the product description, that it was both blackcurrant (a berry) and plum. Flirty scents, if you ask me!

The top notes didn't last very long, and as they began to evaporate, the soft smell of jasmine arose, contrasting with a spicier fragrance. This aroma lasted quite a while longer, before the aromatic base notes took center stage--a woodsy musk.

It was an intriguing combination, and I was pleasantly surprised at how Eau Fling changed with the chemistry of my body. And guess what? My husband (who is difficult to please when it comes to perfumes) loved it!

The Feeling

It's difficult to find a scent that can embrace each side of a woman--the soft, sensual side, the fun, flirty side, and the laid, back side, while still remaining tastefully seductive. Harvey Prince hit the nail on the head with this fragrance and were able to truly embody a mature, strong, attractive woman with Eau Fling.

Eau Fling is a mature scent, but not the "old lady" scent that you may have heard of in regards to musky scents. It's feminine and powerful, yet not overpowering. The natural scents--jasmine, blackcurrant, lavender, nutmeg--gave off an "earthy" scent, which I truly appreciated.

Eau Fling is sensual, soft, fun, flirty, warm, woodsy, and seductive, all in one. I'm reminded of cuddling under the covers on a crisp fall night with the man I love. I suppose it's no wonder that this particular combination has been referred to as the "modern day love potion." And being that my husband loved it, it totally did its job!


Tips for Applying Perfume

It is incredibly important to apply perfume to pulse points. This allows the fragrance to be warmed as your blood bumps, which brings out the notes of the scent, even the lighter ones--including the cinnamon and nutmeg (pumpkin pie) scents that so many other noses seem to miss.

Also, because Eau Fling has so many different scents combined into one, it's best to go easy with it. Don't spritz it all over your body and your shirt as if it were a body spray. Once on the wrist and behind the ears is more than enough. Within an hour or two, you can layer it again to fully appreciate the combination of scents, but I wouldn't recommend spraying more than that.

I must say that I am now a huge fan of Harvey Prince. If you haven't heard of them before today, Harvey Prince is an emerging brand, and its fragrances have been featured in the New York Times, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and The Early Show. Every fragrance has a story behind it--it's not just put together and then shipped out--the science of each scent is used to back up these stories. Feel free to read more about the products on the Harvey Prince website. Also, enter for your chance to win a 50 mL bottle of Eau Fling below!

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