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Burr Oak Cabin Review

In 2010, for Carter's third birthday, we planned a summer trip to southeastern Ohio in the area of Hocking Hills. We did our research on potential spots, and finally chose Burr Oak Cabin in Glouster, Ohio. I spoke to the owner of the cabin, who was incredibly cordial, polite, and helpful. She answered all of my questions in a timely manner, and I had absolutely zero problems in setting up our stay. During our stay, we accidentally broke a lamp, and she was kind enough to allow us to send a check in the mail to cover it. She even sent us the prices she had researched on the lamp.

The cabin was only $100 per night, so it fit into our budget, plus it had all the amenities we needed. And when I say "all," I mean all. Once we arrived, we realized that we had over-packed.

From the Burr Oak Cabin website.

The place was accommodating. It fit 6 adults and a 3-year-old comfortably--very comfortably. There were two bedrooms---plus a fully-enclosed back porch with a pull-out sofa bed.

This is the fully-enclosed back porch. It was super comfortable at night.

Carter in the covered back porch. They had crayons, games, toys, and paper readily available!
The living room had plenty of comfortable seating, a DVD player and VCR--plus a small amount of movies for both. There were enough window A/C units to keep the place nice and cool--even though we spent most of our time outdoors. There were alarm clocks in both bedrooms, an ironing board, an iron, bath towels, all the soap and shampoo/conditioner that you need, and even a blow dryer.

Next time, we won't have to pack much at all. And I'm pretty sure there will be a next time.

The kitchen was fully equipped with all appliances, including a microwave. A dining room table was in the open kitchen with seating for five. There were dishes, cookware, utensils, kitchen towels, dish detergent, paper towels, coffee filters, and a coffee maker.

I mean, seriously. What do you have to bring that isn't already there? This place was outstanding! It exceeded our expectations.

Outside, there was a beautiful back deck that overlooked the woods of Burr Oak State Park--you could even see the shimmer of the lake below in between the trees. There was seating for four, plus a table for four. There was a gas grill and an outdoor fire pit, and my favorite outdoor accommodation was of course, the hammock.

Because who doesn't love to just lie around all day?

The deck from the hammock, near the fire pit.

The deck was on a steep hill, overlooking the woods.
As if that weren't enough, the cabin is literally right around the corner from Burr Oak State Park. Here, we enjoyed swimming, fishing, canoeing, and boating--the scenery was absolutely breathtaking. We were even able to witness a storm coming in from our canoes--the beauty of nature was just plain incredible. Below, you'll see the lake from our pontoon.

These pictures do not do it justice. Rolling hills surrounded us on every side. It was magnificent.

Carter caught his first fish at Burr Oak State Park.
Oh, but wait, there's more! The cabin is only about 45 minutes away from Nelsonville, Ohio, where you can enjoy a scenic train ride and stop at an old log-cabin city from the mid-1800s, complete with an old school house and general store.

This was an old two-story log cabin built in the mid-1800s.

Check out the low roof! This was inside of one of the log cabins.
It was a one bedroom house and the original owners had 9 kids.
Could you imagine?

Carter in the one-room school house, wearing a dunce cap.

There were also animals to check out in the little old town, like a boa and a hawk.

Our stay in Glouster, Ohio at Burr Oak Cabin is one of the best memories that I have. I have literally become homesick for this place. I miss the cabin, I miss the woods, but most of all, I just miss the area. There are no photographs that could capture the beauty of this area of Ohio. It's a rare gem, that's for sure. The wildlife, the trees, the peace, the serenity--so many untouched areas. It's amazing, to say the least.

From where we live--near Dayton--it was a two and a half hour drive, but the stay was worth every mile and every gallon of gas.

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