Monday, August 11, 2014

Corporal Punishment: Agree or Disagree?

Spanking your children as a form of punishment is a controversial topic that no two parents agree on. As a child, I was punished with spankings, and according to a poll conducted by Baby Center, 81% of moms who participated were spanked as children, too. Despite these numbers, only 49% of moms who participated in the poll say that they spank their children. The poll also concluded that moms today are 39% less likely to use spanking as punishment than their mother.

I am part of the 49% of mothers who spank their children. I am not afraid to admit it, either.

Many parents cite the Bible as their reason behind spanking ("Spare the rod, spoil the child..."), but my reasoning is simple: I believe it's effective.

When I was spanked as a child, I knew better than to repeat the bad behavior. I loved my parents then and I still love them today. I do not, nor have I ever cursed them for how they chose to discipline me.

Now, before you jump the gun and start calling me a bad mom, understand this. I do not feel that spanking is a necessary punishment for every wrongdoing. There are many different forms of punishment and discipline, and spanking is only one of those options.

I also understand that there is a line between discipline and abuse. Because of this, I believe that spanking needs to be done when the parent is in control of himself/herself. A spanking should never be given when the parent is angry or upset. It should always be done out of love and administered on the child's bottom with an open hand. I'm also a firm believer that the child should be fully aware of why he is receiving a spanking.

In the end, I believe spanking is a personal choice, and I don't believe that it is anyone's business--so long as you're not beating or abusing your child. I do understand that some children respond better to other forms of punishment, and that is perfectly fine.

What do you think? Do you spank your children? Why or why not?

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