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599 Fashion: High-Quality Affordable Clothing for $5.99 or Less

As many of you already know, I am a straight up sucker for a good fashion deal. I've mentioned my obsession with discount clothing numerous times here on Freelance Lady, so the reiteration probably comes as no surprise.

With that said, today I'm bringing to you a lovely little gem called 599 Fashion (I mentioned their inexpensive high-quality clothing on Mommy's Castle awhile back). Imagine my giddiness when I realized that everything is $5.99 or less!

I recently had the opportunity to work with 599 Fashion on a review of a few items, and let's just say, I'm thoroughly impressed.

* Product and/or services provided for review without cost.

Cheap does not mean low-quality.

Keep that in mind. Occasionally, we all use the term "cheap clothing" while carrying out a Google search for affordable apparel. That doesn't mean we want used, washed-up clothing. No. It means that we want high-quality, inexpensive clothes. That's exactly what 599 Fashion offers the public.

Almost all of my favorite items of clothing were purchased at a discount--this is one of the main reasons why I was so drawn to 599 Fashion. The other reasons are plentiful, including their wide selection. 599 Fashion is not limited to women's discount clothing. They offer almost anything you could think of; I'm talking men's clothing, cheap children's clothing, jeans, tops, dresses, pants, shorts, leggings, hosiery, accessories, handbags, hair items, and even shoes. They even sell makeup!

599 Fashion seems to have taken the digital age and put it to good use. Cheap clothing is no longer hard to come by, thanks to this affordable online clothing store. With that said, it's no surprise that their items sell out fast. If you're thinking about ordering, place your order as soon as possible, or else you risk the chance that your desired items are out of stock by tomorrow.

I went browsing through the 599 Fashion website, just to give you an idea of some of the outfit possibilities at incredibly low prices. Check it out below.

Above, you'll see three outfits--each piece only $5.99. That means that with 599 Fashion, you could get 3 outfits for only $35.94 + tax & shipping! Three outfits for $35.94, which is even less than a cute top or a pair of jeans from your favorite designer label.

How awesome is that?

So, you know that 599 Fashion offers high-quality clothing at affordable prices, but are the clothes worth buying?

I say ABSOLUTELY! Find out why below!

599 Fashion Review

Let me begin by saying that prior to receiving my clothing, I was a true skeptic; after all, I'm a critic at heart. I decided that the true test would be seeing and trying on the items for myself.

Below, you'll see stock photographs of exactly what I received.

Plus Size Short Sleeve High Low Knitted Top

Plus Size Long Sleeve Necktie Chiffon Criss-Cross Blouse

Plus Size Short Sleeve Sweater, White

Toddler Girls Floral Top and Legging Set
Once I received my package of clothes in the mail, I opened the bag and noticed that everything that I received matched the images/descriptions exactly and all seemed to be in great shape.

Plus Size Short Sleeve High Low Knitted Top

The Plus Size Short Sleeve High Low Knitted Top from 599 Fashion was well-constructed, perfectly clean, and absolutely worth the price. There were no stitching flaws in the shirt (that I could find) and the material held up rather well. I feel that this shirt is perfect as a summer bikini cover up, or for wearing over a tank top.

The material was very clean.

This is me wearing the shirt. It was a 2X, and is true to size.

Plus Size Long Sleeve Necktie Chiffon Criss-Cross Blouse

The chiffon blouse is gorgeous. The colors are vibrant and the material is flowing. It is very light-weight--perfect for spring (which was my first thought upon seeing it).

I did notice that the stitching was a little loose, but this didn't cause any issues for me, as the sizing was just right.

At first, I felt that the criss-cross blouse from 599 Fashion looked better on the model, but after a few "tweaks," I turned it into something that fit my style a bit more.

At first, I felt like the shirt was too "mature." This is how it is supposed to be worn.

But I untied the bow, twisted the strings behind my neck, and tied them at the front.

This is definitely more my style--kind of a classic Pink Ladies look, eh?

Plus Size Short Sleeve Sweater

My favorite piece of discount clothing that I received from 599 Fashion was the Plus Size Short Sleeve Sweater in white.

I love the soft material, the way it fits, and the way it looks--it's lightweight, but nice for layering tank tops under during the winter, while also covering yourself with a coat or jacket.

I did find a hole under the arm, but it was tiny. I was not disappointed in the least, because the sweater itself is gorgeous, and for $5.99, a tiny tear is nothing to me.

The tiny, barely noticeable hole under the armpit.
And how it looked on yours truly...

I pair the sweater with tons of different scarves and it looks awesome on each and every one.

Toddler Girls Floral Top and Legging Set 

My breath was taken away when I received the Toddler Girls Floral Top and Legging Set from 599 Fashion. Clearly, the inexpensive clothes for children are absolutely, 100% worth the price.

This outfit was incredibly detailed, and I loved every single inch of it. I knew it would look absolutely adorable on my girl.

Cute little bow detail on the bottom of the leggings.

Bow detail around the front of the top.

Faux-cardigan (short-sleeve) that is attached to the top.

The absolutely, perfectly pink, and totally adorable tu-tu (that is also attached to the top).
I was right when I thought it would be adorable on my girl. She seemed to really love it as well. It was comfortable for her, and was true to size. 599 Fashion really hit the nail on the head with this one! Absolutely PERFECT!

Check out how adorable the little bow details are when she's wearing it!

Needless to say, 599 Fashion is a total win for me. They are officially on my list of favorite affordable online discount clothing stores!

Visit 599 Fashion today to start making over your wardrobe without breaking the bank!

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