Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ohio's First Snow, Learning to Love It

I've gone through some changes over the past year, so "liking" the snow is so new to me. Of course, I loved snow as a kid, but never as an adult. It makes my bones ache, it makes it hard pulling the trash cans back up to the house, and it's difficult to drive in. Then, something changed.

I looked outside and didn't see snow suffocating the world. I saw it blanketing the earth in pure, clean, sparkling fashion and was immediately taken aback. It was beautiful! That was exactly how I had felt about snow as a child, and when it hit me so suddenly, I was sad that I had spent more time complaining about past winters instead of admiring the beauty of our earth.

When my children saw the snow, I watched them grow just as fascinated as I had been as a child. Seeing the smile on their faces and the eagerness to go outside to explore it more in depth gave me a new found respect for the seasons. It is the little things, the free things, that are best in life.

That's why this season, I decided to take the good with the "bad." And if it's bad, then I'll change my attitude about it to transform it into something positive. You can do it too. It's all about willpower.

Even though we froze our butts off and were out there for only around 30 to 45 minutes, they had a blast and we came inside, we warmed up with one another. It was one of those "cozy" days that I just love!

If you get outside, stay warm and enjoy it!

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