Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Blogging 101: Your Guide to Creating Pin-Worthy Images

Pinterest brings out the primitive creatures in all of us. We sense things first and foremost with our eyes. If you see a shirt you love, you want to buy it. If you see food that looks delicious, you want to eat it. If you see an adorable dog, you want to pet it. We are visual creatures, and Pinterest's success can be attributed to this scientific fact.

If you're smart about what you're pinning, Pinterest can become an incredibly important marketing tool for you. Learning to create images that are "pin-worthy" in the eyes of Pinners across the world is the easiest way to get your images seen by hundreds, even thousands of eyes.

My absolute FAVORITE free image-editin program of all time is PicMonkey. I use PicMonkey for most of my edits. I love that it's free (you can get more features with a membership, however).

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Overlays & Text

On Pinterest, people not only see the images, but they're also interested in what they'll get out of it. If a woman pins a beautiful fireplace mantel design, chances are, she wants to implement it into her home somehow. If she pins an image of a shirt that was upcycled, she probably wants to upcycle shirts of her own in that style.

Let Pinners know what they're going to be getting by pinning your image. What information will they receive? How is the pin relevant to them? Take a look at the two examples below and think about which one you would be more likely to pin. Which one would help you remember what the pin was about if you decided to look at it later?

Texts and overlays add a whole different element to otherwise plain images and also remind readers why they pinned the image in the first place.

Capture Emotion

Images that capture the emotions of the viewer are often pinned numerous times. When you invoke happiness, sadness, or nostalgia in someone, it creates somewhat of a "relationship" with the viewer. Black and white images are one way to create this emotional attachment.

Vibrant Colors

Too much going on in an image can cause a Pinner to scroll right on by without thinking twice. Keep things simple in your images, with a splash of vibrant color here and there. Draw the eye to the focal point of the image with accents and don't be afraid to use filters and/or adjust the brightness and contrast if necessary.

White Backdrops 

It may come as a surprise to know that more pins are pinned when there is a large white to color ratio. The more white space in an image, the more pleasing it is to the eye. Consider this when creating and/or taking images that you plan to use on Pinterest. White backdrops are clean, simple, and easy to look at.

If you use the tips above when creating/taking photographs, you'll find that your pins are being pinned more often. Experiment with different filters, angles, texts, colors, and overlays to create beautiful, striking, pin-worthy images.

Check out PicMonkey to make your own beautiful blog images!

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