Monday, January 19, 2015

Home Decorating: Dark Blue Accents

Blue is a color that many of us associate with tranquility and freedom. It is, after all, the color of both the sky and the sea. From a psychological standpoint, the color blue represents reliability and responsibility. It symbolizes confidence, intelligence, and is considered beneficial to both the mind and body.

Because of the positive qualities associated with the color blue, many decide to implement it into their homes. Most of the time, we see paler blues associated with interior design. Sometimes, however, we see darker blues that are implemented as accents.

Why don't we typically see dark blues implemented as focal points? Well, for one, dark blue shows quite a bit of authority, which is why navy business attire is popular among women in the workforce.

Too much of it can be overwhelming, bold, and bossy. It's considered one of the more masculine colors, which makes it difficult to add a soft touch when this color overtakes a room.

To avoid the overwhelming presence of dark blues, focus on using them as accents. Pillows, bed skirts, vases, and even accent walls are a few ways to implement dark blues without going overboard.

If you are, however, considering making every wall in your home dark blue, think about implementing white in there as well, whether in the form of a funky design, or simple stripes. Keeping the ceiling white can also downplay the masculinity of the dark blue.

If you choose to implement only blue walls with very little blue accents, everything else in the room should remain neutral. Whites, for example, create a beautiful contrast for dark blues. Be sure that the room also has plenty of natural light to prevent feeling "boxed in."

There are dozens of ways to bring dark blues into your home without a room coming off as overly masculine. It's all about that perfect balance. Light, neutral hues always match up well with blues of any shade, but particularly the dark blues.

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