Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Years Resolutions: 2015

Happy New Year!

This year, I want something different. I want 2015 to be a year of value, a year of building strong, lasting memories. This year, I want my resolutions to become a part of my lifestyle, not simply another chore that I abandon two weeks in.

I've compiled a short list of my New Year's Resolutions for 2015. I hope to look back next year and say, "I've bettered my life and the lives of those around me by making and implementing these resolutions."

Here's to a better life! Here's to change!

Be a better mother and wife.

As a mother and wife, I know that I can do better. Sure, I'm an okay mother. I make sure my kids wash behind their ears and do their chores. I try to teach them manners and independence. I show them unconditional love. While that's all okay, I want to be more than okay.

Being a stay-at-home mom whose son is schooled via a virtual academy means that I'm with my children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unfortunately, in retrospect, last year's time spent seems to be quantity over quality.

In 2015, I want to spend more time with my children outside of the daily routine. I want to take at least 20 minutes every single day to provide them with my undivided attention on a one-to-one basis. I want to spend more time sitting down, listening, watching, and simply taking in their incredible, ever-growing personalities. I don't want to miss a thing.

My Husband

After eight years, two children, and my husband working more often than not, there has been a small wedge jammed between the two of us. This year, I want to slowly remove that wedge and get to know him all over again. I want to develop a deeper understanding of who he is so that we can grow and strengthen our bond.

Wake up earlier.

As it stands right now, I already wake up fairly early, but I'd like to start getting up even earlier so that I can actually be productive before the kiddos get up. Getting things done puts me in a good mood, so by setting the mood for the day, I have the potential to make a huge difference in my overall outlook on life.

Give back to my readers.

In 2014, I put more work into Freelance Lady than I had in the first two years after launch. I owe many thanks to absolutely wonderful, knowledgeable, and spunky ladies over at The Nexus Girls who have provided me with a plethora of information and insight to blogging.

This year, though, I really want to jump in wholeheartedly and pour my soul into this blog.

Without you, dear reader, this blog would be nothing. Because of this, I want to give more to you. I intend to give you more of what you want this year, including more relevant content, more recipes, more engagement, more awesome product reviews, and more giveaways!

Remain on the track to a healthy lifestyles.

Last year ended on a high note in regards to my health, thanks to the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge and this year, I want to keep it up. I want to continue exercising, watching my portions, and drinking more water. I want my body to reflect my health.

Let it go!

One thing I did too much of last year was hold grudges. Usually, I'm pretty good at moving past petty issues but for some reason, last year proved difficult in that aspect. This year, I want to learn to forgive quickly. I want to savor every moment, so to speak, without tainting it with negativity. I want peacpea

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