Saturday, March 31, 2018

Why I Refuse To Read Your Blog

Each week, I spend several hours browsing through dozens of blogs. I enjoy seeing the different types of bloggers out there, what they are passionate about, and so on. Every now and then, however, I come across a blog that almost immediately warrants a click out of the tab.

That's right. I choose whether or not I want to read a blog within seconds of visiting. You may think, Oh, well, what does your opinion have to do with me? Well, you might be surprised to know that I am a potential reader and clicking out means that I wasn't interested enough to stay. And you can bet that other potential readers feel the same.

So, what are some reasons that I personally click out of blogs? Read on to find out more.

Unorganized Layout

Simplicity is key.

A beautiful layout that costs upwards of $200 isn't necessary to grab my attention. In fact, it's really all about an organized layout and a splash of color here and there. If it looks as though a tornado blew across your blog, leaving remnants of random text, random sections, and random pictures, you can bet that I won't be there long enough to give your content the chance to wow me.

The sad truth is that I'm sure there are many blogs that I've clicked out of due to the outer appearance and have missed some kick ass content on the inside. Sadly, the words "Never judge a book by its cover," doesn't really apply in the world of the internet. We're visual creatures and in the digital age, our attention spans are shorter than ever. Grab the attention, and then keep it.

Pop-ups On Load

We've all been there and we don't like it. Before the page you're visiting even finishes loading, there is a popup on the screen. Now, think about that. If you don't like popups, then why in the world would you have one on your page? Unless there is a phenomenal deal on your blog, I'm going to click out as soon as that popup makes its appearance. That dreaded "Subscribe By Email" popup is not needed. If I like your blog enough, I will subscribe, but not if you pester me to sign up before I've even seen a tiny bit of what you have to offer!

Spelling/Grammatical/Punctuation Errors

Trying to read blog post that consists of a long, drawn out run-on sentence is not an easy feat. Not to mention, if every other word is spelled incorrectly, it's nearly impossible. I'm typically okay with a few grammatical errors--we all make them from time to time--but let's utilize spell check, please. If punctuation isn't your strong suit, have someone else proofread before you post.

No Page Breaks

Along with run-on sentences, grammatical errors, and spelling mistakes, if you're writing a post over 200 words long, there better be page breaks. Reading a paragraph that's as long as my hair is not only annoying, but it really takes away from the content.

Too Many Ads

There is absolutely nothing wrong with monetizing your blog. However, if I visit your blog and it's cluttered with more advertisements than a NASCAR vehicle, I'm exiting out. Sponsorships, ambassadorships, and advertising are okay, but not when they take up more than 20% of your blog.

What are some things that cause you to immediately exit a blog that you're reading?

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