Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bold & Vibrant: Funky Decorating Tips for Beginners

So, you want to create a funky home interior that really stands out without coming off as too overwhelming?

Perhaps you're just looking for a more eclectic living space, or maybe you just want to let your personality shine from every corner of your home. No matter what it is, learning to decorate your home in a funky style is not as challenging as it may seem. Check out the following tips to get a better idea of how to implement certain pieces, colors, and patterns.

Implement colors that pop.

When implementing bright, bold colors such as oranges, lime greens, and/or electric blues, try to keep the rest of the furniture and accents as simple as possible. Too much bold, bright colors can cause the eye to move around too much, leading to an overwhelming atmosphere.

Instead of going all out with bright colors, look for colors that compliment, but are a bit more toned down. For example, bold oranges go well with browns and beige colors.

A sage green may even be used as an accent wall, as long as there is enough white space to prevent overwhelming the eye.

Choose a basic theme before decorating.

Do you want a modern living space? Or do you prefer something a little more rustic? Once you know your preference, you can begin implementing certain pieces of furniture and then decorating them with pops of color and funky accents.

Take a look at the image above. The wall in the background is simple, yet textured. The bench is rustic, with an antique feel. The pillows, however, are what add the "funkiness" to the room and really make the piece stand out. The inspiration is derived from a number of decorating styles, including simplistic, vintage, and funky. When done right, it creates a beautiful interior.

Choose an exciting wallpaper.

Sometimes, all you need to really "funkify" a room is an exciting backdrop. In the image below, the backdrop is what brings out the exciting, vibrant feel to the bedroom. Had the wall been plain white or cream, the room would have a more airy, simplistic vibe.

This goes to show you just how much a wall can impact a room.

Experiment with different pattern combinations.

For a more subtle bold "pop" in your home, try out different pattern combinations. This can be combined with bold, bright colors or with more subtle pieces to keep the area toned down, like the image example below.

The pattern on the floor, combined with the chairs, pillow, and accent lamp add a textured touch to the home, but the beige couch keeps everything neutral. This, my friends, is smart decorating!

While creating a bold, funky, and vibrant living space may sound intimidating, it's actually quite easy to implement, as long as you know what you're doing. Neutral pieces keep the area toned down, while patterns and bright colors make a statement. With an equal balance of the two, the room will shine brightly without being too stimulating.

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