Saturday, February 14, 2015

Curl Your Lashes with the Precision Eyelash Curler + $5 OFF

When it comes to my makeup routine, I find that there is nothing better than a pair of thick, long, luxurious lashes. Unfortunately, like many women, I wasn't born with natural, movie-star lashes. Therefore, I have to improvise.

This, my dear reader, is exactly why eyelash curlers have become my best friend.

* Product and/or service provided for review without cost. As always, all opinions are my own.

Recently, I was able to try the Precision Eyelash Curler by Majestic Bombay.

This eyelash curler was chrome, hot pink, and black, which makes for a very vibrant combination.

It's also beautifully designed and is equipped with two easy-grip handles.

Whenever I curl my eyelashes, I find that if the grips aren't secure, I end up pinching myself. This is why a solid, no-slip grip is important to me. I loved that the handles on the Precision Eyelash Curler were easy to hold onto and easy to work with.

Majestic Bombay had their logo stamped right on the metal of the eyelash curler. This attention to detail gives me the feeling that the company pays close attention to what they're doing.

As every woman knows, when using an eyelash curler while wearing mascara, it becomes soiled and needs cleaned regularly. Thankfully, Majestic Bombay recognizes the struggle, and provides you with two replacement pads.

While all of these features are fantastic, the moment of truth is finding out just how well it works. Below, you'll see a photo of my eyelashes before they were curled.

As you can see, they're limp. They're straight. They're "barely there."

In the next image, you'll see how the eyelash curler is grabbing my lashes. However, if you look closely towards the inner eye, you'll notice that not many of the inner lashes were gripped.

Now, take a look at the After photograph. As mentioned, the inner lashes weren't grabbed, which is why the inner lashes look exactly as they did before. However, I did notice quite a bit of curler on the center and outer lashes.

After checking the functionality of the eyelash curler, I have to say that it's beautiful, sleek, and colorful, but it's not as effective as I would have liked it to be. As mentioned previously, I've tried dozens of eyelash curlers, and this one just doesn't work as well (mainly in regards to my inner lashes).

It may be because my inner lashes are too short and the pad is just too thick to grab. I'm not sure.

If you have naturally thick, long lashes, that just need a little boost, this could be the eyelash curler for you. If you're interested, you can receive $5 off now by using the following code during your purchase:


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