Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fun with Learning: Discover With Dr. Cool Insect Excavation Kit

My son, Carter, is really into creepy crawlers, such as frogs, snakes, and bugs. As a matter of fact, the past two times that we've gone to the book store, he's picked out books about spiders and parasites and one about microscopic creepy crawlers.

If you have a child who is as into creepy things as my son is, then your child is bound to get a kick out of this Insect Excavation Kit!

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The Discover with Dr. Cool Real Bug Dig Kit is a hands-on excavation kit, with everything you need to dig out your own genuine specimens, including a scorpion, a Spiny Spider, and a Fortune Beetle.

In the kit, you'll find a large beetle (this is what you dig your specimens out of), a magnifying glass, a chisel, a brush, an Adventure Guide, and an Activity Book.

Carter was incredibly excited about this Insect Excavation Kit. As soon as he saw it, he wanted to get started excavating right away! He read through the instructions, explained to me what we needed to do, and we went at it!

We didn't have any newspaper readily available, so we went ahead and lined our floor with paper towels, and placed the bug on top.

Carter made sure to examine everything before getting started, especially "that extra large beetle," as he called it.

After he was sure that he had seen everything, he started digging.

Early on, we both realized that digging was a bit harder than we expected. The material inside of the beetle is very dense, so it requires quite a bit of elbow grease to get inside. With a little focus, determination, and help from mama, Carter was able to carve it open enough to reveal the first specimen.

It was a scorpion! The sight of the scorpion creeped me out a bit, but Carter was thrilled! Again, he had to make sure to examine every little part of it, from its creepy head, right down to its creepy stinger. He couldn't wait to look at it under his magnifying glass!

The specimens are preserved in acrylic, so you can see them from the top and bottom.

After Carter was finished checking out the scorpion, he set it aside and started excavating again.

"I think I see something, mom!"
After trying to locate the final two specimens, it was clear that Carter just didn't have the strength (or patience) required to dig deep enough to find the last two specimens. I tried to help him, but even I was having a bit of trouble. At this point, we decided to improvise. We took a hammer, and lightly pounded on the beetle, to break it into smaller pieces that were easier to work with.

Our improvising proved useful. Within minutes, Carter was able to find the second specimen, peeking out from beneath the "beetle dust."

He made sure to be very careful while brushing it off.

"It's a Spiny Spider!"
After we had broken down the final pieces, we began looking for the third and final specimen, which was the Fortune Beetle.

And he found it!

Below, you'll see all three specimens after they were rinsed off.

Carter absolutely loved this kit. He enjoyed excavating and reading about the bugs. He looks at his specimens every day and enjoys looking up various facts about them. My husband and I are thinking about getting a small drill bit so that we can turn them into necklaces.

As a mother, I loved the fact that the Insect Excavation Kit sparked a love of learning in my son. Not to mention, I school Carter at home through K12 Virtual Academy, so kits like these are easy to implement into our science lessons. The Adventure Guide is filled with scientific facts about insects, and the Activity Book has 10 puzzles and games that make the learning experience fun!

If you're a parent, I highly recommend the Discover with Dr. Cool Insect Excavation Kit. Your children will really get a kick out of excavating like a real scientist, examining the specimens, reading about them, and completing the activities in the Activity Book.

There is nothing better than to see your child so excited about something that benefits his education.

Head on over to Discover with Dr. Cool to pick up your own Insect Excavation Kit today!

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