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The Natural Dentist Oral Care Products for Kids Review + Giveaway

Society is becoming more and more concerned with the amount of harsh chemicals and strange ingredients found in the products that we, and our children, consume. While these chemicals are regulated by the FDA, many of them do not have enough long-term studies to determine their effects on our bodies later on. As a result, many parents are switching to natural products.

My son, Carter, is 7-years-old and has two adult teeth, and recently lost his top two teeth. While we try to consistently discuss the importance of dental hygiene, we realize that it is becoming even more important now that his adult teeth have started coming in.
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Carter and I were selected to try a few of The Natural Dentist products.

The Natural Dentist recognizes the concerns that parents have about the chemicals we consume, and have addressed these concerns by creating toothpaste that contains absolutely no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, or artificial colors. After all, who needs sweeteners in their toothpaste?!

The Natural Dentist has both fluoride (Cavity Zapper) and fluoride-free (Plaque Zapper) toothpaste. Each product comes in two flavors: Berry Blast or Groovy Grape. The goal of The Natural Dentist is to be sure that parents have the best clinically-proven oral care products without the harsh ingredients found in other dental hygiene products. The toothpaste is great for adults and children alike.

When it comes to trying new products, we all know that if you want a brutally honest opinion, then the best thing to do is ask a child. So, I called Carter in to the bathroom at bed time to put The Natural Dentist Plaque Zapper to the test!

Plaque Zapper is fluoride-free and Carter tried the Groovy Grape flavor.

To get started, Carter added a pea-size amount of Plaque Zapper to his toothbrush. He then added a small amount of water to get a really nice lather.

Carter started brushing and I could immediately tell that the toothpaste took a while to foam up, but it did lather quite nicely. This made me happy, as it caused him to pay more attention to what he was doing and to spend more time brushing (which is often a struggle with him).

Carter brushed and brushed, and seemed to really like the flavor!

After brushing and rinsing with a little water, Carter told me that he liked the flavor and liked the way it made his "mouth taste." Usually, he complains about the flavor left behind after brushing. Not this time!

Since Carter tried the fluoride-free version, I decided to try the Cavity Zapper for myself. Cavity Zapper does contain fluoride. It is designed to help prevent cavities, strengthen tooth enamel, clean away plaque and stains, and freshen breath. Again, it comes in two flavors: Berry Blast or Groovy Grape.

I decided to try the Berry Blast since Carter already gave us his opinion on the Groovy Grape flavor. Not to mention, I'm a berry kind of girl.

It is true that the toothpaste gel does take a moment to lather, but it does actually bubble up. My mouth didn't burn and I found that my teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums felt surprisingly clean and my breath smelled fruity, which I appreciated. It's nice to have breath that smells like something other than mint. The flavor while brushing is okay—certainly not my favorite, but definitely bearable.

Overall, I like the toothpaste. The fact that it takes a few extra seconds to lather means your child will be spending a few extra seconds on his teeth. Also, the flavor is perfect for children—especially those hesitant to brush due to the odd flavors on the market.

The product seems to work well for adults as well, so it's great for the whole family!

If you're interested in trying out The Natural Dentist Oral Care Products for yourself, head on over and grab yours today!

You can also enter to win The Natural Dentist products for yourself!

Giveaway begins 2/15/2015 at midnight EST and ends on 2/24/2015 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Giveaway is open to United States residents, age 18+. No P.O. boxes. Please read all giveaway terms before entering (found on the widget). Thanks to Contest Heat for featuring our giveaway!

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