Wednesday, March 18, 2015

No Vision Insurance? No Problem - Affordable, Quality Eyeglasses from

My husband was in dire need of new glasses. He had been wearing the same pair of glasses for years, and it was painstakingly obvious; bent frame, scratched lenses, and tape—yes! I said tape! We waited until the very last minute to look into glasses because, well, when you don't have vision insurance, purchasing glasses can be rather pricey.

Recently, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Needless to say, this opportunity couldn't have come at a better time.

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While browsing through the available eyeglasses, my husband and I couldn't help but take note of the affordable prices. We're talking savings of $100+ on each pair of glasses! It is incredibly rare that you find prices on glasses as low as you see on

After my husband got over the initial shock of the inexpensive eyeglasses, he settled on the Derrick Rectangle rimless glasses. He chose these, as they are men's glasses, frameless, and made of titanium.

The Derrick Rectangle glasses have a retail price of $229.95, but are only $39.95 on and that includes free prescription lenses.

Folks, you really cannot beat this price!

With your purchase, you'll receive single-vision lenses featuring an anti-scratch coating, plus a protective case and microfiber cleaning cloth—all of this is included in your price!

The case itself is nice—a rounded plastic case—and your glasses come inside the case, wrapped in the microfiber cloth. Both the cloth and the case feature the name.

Inside of the carrying case is padding on the bottom, to prevent damage and scratches on your glasses when you're storing them away while you sleep, exercise, shower, etc.

My husband didn't have a microfiber cleaning cloth for his last pair of glasses, so he would use an old t-shirt to wipe them. Unfortunately, this left very fine, very tiny scratches on his lenses. Not to mention, it didn't get them as clean as a microfiber cloth does. The fact that the microfiber cloth is included with your purchase is an added bonus.

Both my husband and I were highly impressed with the quality of these eyeglasses, especially when considering the price.

The glasses themselves feature high-quality frames and aesthetically pleasing details.

Included on the frame are small rhinestones on each side, along with arrow details.

Because the Derrick Rectangle rimless glasses do not have rims, there was extra reinforcement along the edges of the lenses, in the form of more thickness in those areas.

The center of the glasses sits comfortably on my husband's nose. I tried them on as well, just to check the fit, and they fit my nose as well.

The glasses also sit comfortably along and behind the ear, with no poking or prodding like my husband's former glasses.

These glasses are very, very nice, and I'm still in shock as to how low the prices are on It truly is amazing that they offer such inexpensive prescription eyeglasses. This is perfect for those of you who do not currently have vision insurance.

My husband is 100% satisfied with Derrick Rectangle eyeglasses. The prescription is correct, the lenses look nice, they are comfortable, and if he needs to replace them, they are absolutely affordable.

I love how the glasses look on my husband. His old frames drew the eye away from his face and didn't really flatter his eyes at all. Now, you can clearly see his eyes, which is great for me, as his eyes are my favorite feature on him.

I cannot express how wonderful these glasses are. As mentioned over and over again throughout this blog post, creates high-quality, affordable eyeglasses, even if you have no vision insurance. Discount Code

If you thought these glasses were already inexpensive, you'll be even more excited to know that you can save 20% when using the following coupon code.


For cheap glasses, or even sunglasses, don't hesitate to browse through their wide selection of eyeglasses and see for yourself just how fantastic their glasses truly are.

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