Thursday, March 26, 2015

Original Candy, Gift Baskets, & More - Dylan's Candy Bar

Time, my dear readers, is merely an illusion. This became evident when I looked at my calendar today and realized that Easter 2015 is only ten days away. That's right, folks. On April 5, 2015, the Easter Bunny makes his grand appearance in households all over the world.

Are you prepared? If not, don't stress out. The perfect Easter basket filled with goodies and treats is only a few clicks away. 

* This post is a sponsored post, for which compensation was received. All opinions stated herein are my own.

Dylan's Candy Bar is a chain of boutique candy shops that combines art, fashion, pop culture, and your favorite treats to create original candies and candy-related gifts. Each gift basket or gift features bright, eye-popping colors and truly unique packaging to create impressive, presentable treats that almost look too beautiful to eat. Almost.

If that doesn't sound like the perfect company to shop for your holiday candy needs, then I don't know what does. Of course, we all want to surprise our family with do-it-yourself candy gifts put together with our own bare hands, but it's not always practical in today's fast-paced society. We have jobs, businesses, kids, obligations, and responsibilities that take up quite a bit of our time. Fortunately, candy companies like Dylan's Candy Bar understand this.

Easter Gift Baskets

Just to give you an idea of what Dylan's Candy Bar has to offer, check out two of the Easter gift basket options below.

Dylan's Candy Bar Signature Happy Easter Bucket, $55.00

For more of Dylan's Candy Bar holiday treats, check out their Easter Collection complete with gift baskets, stuffed animals, candy, and more.

Dylan's Candy Bar also offers custom gift baskets and custom products. To learn more about this option, contact the Gifting Department at 1-866-939-5267 or via email at

Dylan's Candy Bar features 10 locations throughout the United States.

Unique Candy & Treats

Thankfully for those of us who do not find ourselves situated near one of their shops, Dylan's Candy Bar also offers the option to shop online, where you can choose from hundreds of delicious candies, including themed candies, and beautifully unique presentations of your all-time favorites.

Dylan's Candy Bar Soda Can w/ Assorted Swedish Fish, $12.00

Nostalgic Candy

Add a bit of nostalgia to your gifts by selecting one of Dylan's Candy Bar novelty/nostalgia gift basket options.

Original Candy Bar Flavors

Dylan's Candy Bar doesn't end with typical candy flavors either. Their private label (Dylan's Candy Bar) features incredible candy bar flavors, including angel food cake, carrot cake, marshmallow creme, vanilla cupcake, and my personal favorite, brownie batter!

Bridal Shower, Parties, & Event Candy Ideas

Have an event coming up and want to provide a memorable treat for your guests? Dylan's Candy Bar also has "high-end" flavors including Strawberries & Champagne that are perfect for bridal showers, parties, and more!

They also offer Party Planning Packages.

Beyond Easter - Other Goodies from Dylan's Candy Bar

Dylan's Candy Bar is not your average candy shop. We're talking a Willy Wonka style confectionery shop, complete with chocolates, lollipops, hard candy, cookies—and it doesn't end there. Dylan's Candy Bar also features candy-related apparel, gifts, stationary, and cosmetics. 

Dylan's Candy Bar also has a Hello Kitty Collection and a Wizard of Oz Collection.

When an event or holiday comes up, don't scramble to put together gift baskets. Let Dylan's Candy Bar lighten your load, reduce stress, save time, and brighten your life by ordering today.

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  1. I used to take the kids here when we lived in NYC. There isn't one here in CO and I so wish they would bring one here. Great place to take the kids for a treat after a good report card.

    1. Amanda, I have written Dylan's Candy Bar down as a place to visit if we're ever in an area that has one. :) Great idea about the good report card reward. My kids would be over the moon!


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