Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Yummy Yammy® Mexican Sweet Potato Salsa Review + Giveaway

I'm the kind of girl who's willing to try anything twice. I feel that trying something once doesn't give me a good grasp of what it's about—and food is no exception.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try three very interesting salsas. What's so interesting about them, you wonder?

Well, get this. This salsa isn't made with your typical salsa ingredients. It's made with sweet potatoes!

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Yes, you read that correctly. Yummy Yammy (it's all in the name) creates salsa with yams. If that's not original, I don't know what is!

When I first read about Yummy Yammy Salsa, I was intrigued and also skeptical. You see, I am not a fan of sweet potatoes by any means (and yes, I've tried them twice—more than twice, actually). I wasn't sure that I would be a fan of the Yummy Yammy Salsa, but fortunately for me and the Yummy Yammy brand, I fell in love. The salsas are a huge hit in my home.

I had the chance to try the following three flavors:

Moroccan Sweet Potato Salsa (Curry, Lentil, & Kale)

For me, the Moroccan Sweet Potato Salsa packs a very big punch. Because of how prevalent the spices are, it's something that you need to try twice before you can really grasp the complexity of all of the flavors. I feel that the sweet potato really lightens them up and mellows them out to bring out a a beautiful flavor contrast. The Moroccan Sweet Potato Salsa is very delicious and can be enjoyed on its own with tortilla chips, or in soups or wraps.

Mexican Sweet Potato Salsa (Black Bean, Corn, & Chipotle)

My favorite, by far, the Mexican Sweet Potato Salsa has the consistency of a bean dip, which I appreciate. I tried the "Hot" flavor, but Yummy Yammy also features a mild Mexican Sweet Potato Salsa, as well as a medium. The "Hot" flavor is not overly spicy, but has a very nice after taste with the perfect amount of heat. I feel that it is ideal on its own, or with burritos, tacos, or wraps.

Tuscan Sweet Potato Salsa (Roasted Red Pepper, White Bean, & Basil)

Definitely keeping in line with the Tuscan flavors, the Tuscan Sweet Potato Salsa is the sweetest salsa of them all, again with just the right amount of heat. I love the way that the yams really work together with the roasted red pepper, white bean, and basil to bring out a very aromatic and delicious salsa that would go great in spaghetti sauces.

I wanted to use my favorite salsa, which was the Mexican, to create something that really stood out. I didn't want to do the typical salsa and chips, just because I wanted to show you just how versatile the salsas truly are.

I started by adding a bit of heated Mexican Sweet Potato Salsa on a soft flour tortilla...

And topped it with taco meat, roasted sun-dried tomatoes, raw spinach, and cheese.

This was an absolutely delicious blend. The salsa added just the right amount of heat, and a ton of flavor.

I wanted to try it with chips, too, so I blended a little bit of the Mexican Sweet Potato Salsa in with some queso blanco. I swirled it all together to create a delicious, flavorful blend.

Of course, you can enjoy the salsa by themselves as well (which, no joke, I am actually enjoying some of the Tuscan Sweet Potato Salsa with tortilla chips as I type).

Just to go one step further to show you just how amazing these Sweet Potato Salsas are, I recorded a video to give you an idea of the thickness. Check it out below!

Overall, these salsas are hearty, rich, and absolutely delicious. I would have never thought that a sweet potato could be blended with other flavors to create such an incredibly delicious contrast of flavors. In my opinion, Sweet Potato Salsa is quite possibly one of the greatest combinations of flavors that I've ever had, in terms of salsa.

I am incredibly excited to offer you the chance to win one of each! One winner will receive three jars of Yummy Yammy Salsa, including Hot Mexican, Moroccan, and Tuscan flavors!

Enter for your chance to win below!

Giveaway begins at midnight on 3/4/2015.
Giveaway ends at 11:59 p.m. EST on 3/13/2015.
Open to United States residents, 18+.
No P.O. boxes. Void where prohibited.

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And today, you have the chance to win one of each! One lucky winner will walk away with one of each Yummy Yammy salsas.

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  1. I am most interested in the Moroccan variety. The whole concept is unique, so any flavor would be a new experience.

  2. The Flame-Roasted Sweet Potato Salsa with Black Bean, Corn & Chipotle sounds the most delicious.

  3. The Mexican Sweet potato Salsa sounds great to me! I love to make Mexican food and this is a new twist on salsa!

  4. The Moroccan sounds so good! Just because I love curry.

    - Jessica Rose

  5. I like the mexican because it has black beans, corn, and chipolte which are great ingredients.

  6. The mexican one sounds the best. I tend to enjoy salsa with mexican food.

  7. My husband would love any one of these,but I think he would try the Mexican first.thanks so very much for sharing.

  8. I like the mild mexican salsa because it would be the most versatile.

  9. I would like to try the Tuscan Sweet Potato salsa.

  10. Moroccan Sweet Potato Salsa sounds the most interesting to me because it has ingredients and flavors that I know I like a lot.

    alterna7 at hotmail dot com

  11. I would like to try the Mexican Sweet Potato Salsa the most. All of them sound yummy though.

  12. the sweet potato salsa for my daughter.ever since she was little , that has been her FAVORITE food.she would just love that salsa.

  13. I WANT THE sweet potato salsa has everything in it that i like


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