Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hydrotherapy, High-Quality Hot Tubs: Vita Spa

I'm all for all-natural remedies and all-natural therapy when it comes to healing the body. With summer coming soon, a lot of us are looking to spend more time outdoors, relaxing and unwinding. With summer comes pools and hot tubs, for the ultimate outdoor relaxation experience.

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Vita Spas, USA, has been in business since 1974 and recognizes that consumers want a high-quality, reliable hot tub. Because of this, Vita Spas works with specialists to manufacture high-tech, quality, comfortable, and affordable hot tubs featuring a wide range of designs and features.

Whether you're looking for the best of the best, or a basic, low cost hot tub or spa, Vita Spas produces both ends, all of which are loaded with features to make your experience a pleasant one—without breaking the bank.

Vita Spas has dealers who are specialists in the hot tub industry and are dedicated to providing hot tub purchasers with high-quality, knowledgeable service.

Below are a few of the features Vita Spas offers, and some are nothing short of incredible.

Energy Efficient Hot Tubs

In today's world, consumers look for ways to reduce their negative impact on the environment. Vita Spas recognizes this and maintains quality standards to produce environmentally friendly hot tubs that are both energy efficient and utilize recycled materials.

Vita Spas utilize their Vital Energy Insulation system, which uses fabrics including jeans to create a thick insulation that is free of chemical irritants. Now used in the construction industry, it's clear that fabrics such as this have high insulation properties. The use of these recycled materials is used in place of high levels of volatile organic compounds that are found in other insulation seen in various other spa brands.

H.E.E.T stands for "High Efficiency Energy Transfer," and is a component that produces heat that is essentially free, as it reduces the time that your heater is in operation—saving you money.

The hot tubs meet the standards set by the California Energy Commission, as well as the U.S. Green Building Council.

Filtration Systems

Vita Spas takes water quality seriously. BiOzone, a filtration system utilizing filtration, ozone purification, and natural minerals to create high quality water. Filtration is continuous to provide you with water that you can feel comfortable relaxing in.

The BiOzone filtration system comes standard on all Vita Spas 700 Series models.

Hydrotherapy Options

Vita Spas also offers hydrotherapy options, including the Vita Symphonic Wave Seat, which provides you with a full body massage. Control options allow you to change the massage sequence, adjust the speed, and pause the jets to maintain pressure in a certain area for a quality, hydro massage.

Whether you're looking for a basic spa or a high-tech hot tub, Vita Spas has you covered.

Vita Spas offers much more than listed here, including light therapy, SwimSpas, and more, so head on over the website to see what else they have to offer!

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