Saturday, April 21, 2018

Pets will change your children for the better

Having a pet while you are a child is a must. We have all had a pet – gold fish, guinea pig, parrot, cat or a dog. It doesn’t matter which animal was it, what matters is what impact it had on our life. And even if you never had a pet, I’m sure you remember always wanting one. The impact these creatures have on our lives and the lives of our children are enormous, and not letting your child have one might be a mistake. A true friend might be hidden in a furry, four-legged body with a tail and you would never know.


As your children grow along with their pet, they will, at some point, wish to know more about them. They will start reading magazines, encyclopedias, and browse the web in search of information. Having your child develop an interest about something as fascinating as animals is always a good thing, and you should encourage them to look for more information and ask more people about what they want to know. Who knows, maybe one day they will be experts and share their knowledge with others, maybe even other children too.

Confidence and trust

Once your child starts trusting their pet and thinking of them as of their true friends, the bond remains there forever. As they grow older, they will learn that people change and things don’t always stay the same. This discovery may hurt them and make them sad at first, but they will always have their beloved furry friend who will never leave their side. Their pets will always be there for them and for you as well; some will bark at strangers and protect your home - other will come to your lap and purr sweetly while trying to draw out all your negative energy.


Your children will find a faithful companion in all their games; they will play catch, run around freely and play hide-and-seek all over the house and park. They will get used to other animals too and they will learn how to behave in their company. Pets are great to children so you shouldn't be worried about leaving them alone with their dog or a cat for a while. In addition to that, you children will become stronger and healthier because they will be in contact with animals and out on a fresh air more often.


Before letting your child have their own pet, you should talk to them about their duties and obligations. They should know that you will not be the one who will be cleaning after them and taking them to the vet. By giving them these duties, you will make your child more responsible. They will be thinking about washing their fur, feeding time, walking time, tick removal and flea collars, and they will learn about honoring their given word and taking care of someone else.

Therapy and support

Studies have shown that people with pets are less likely to suffer from depression, have lower blood pressure and are more relaxed in general. It is no wonder, since we all know that there is nothing better than hugging your beloved pet after a particularly bad day, and telling them all about it. People often comment just how well they feel as if their pets understand them. This is important to your children too, having a friend who will always be by their side and understand them.

By giving your child an opportunity to have a pet, you are giving them a new, life-long friend and the same time and making more open and responsible people out of them. They will know what unconditional love and devotion look like and they will know that their secrets will always be safe once they share them with their pets.
About The Author: Melissa Stevens is healthy lifestyle and environmentally friendly living enthusiast. She is interested in practical solutions for simpler and more convenient life, and she likes sharing them with others. Mother of one cute boy, proud owner of two Labradors, vegetarian for years, and in her spare time, she is engaged in crafting, housekeeping, organizing, family life, and travel.

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