Thursday, April 16, 2015

Top Shower Heads for Aesthetics, Kids, Hydrotherapy, and More

I truly believe in natural therapies, from essential oils to massage, but perhaps one of my favorite remedies for aches and pains is hydrotherapy. Your daily shower can be transformed from a time to get clean to a time of relaxation, all depending upon which type of shower head you have.

I spent several months searching for the best shower head. Being a sufferer of migraines and back pain for most of my teen and adult years, I wanted a shower head that could provide some kind of relief from these physical ailments.

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As silly as it may seem to spend several months in search of a shower head, the one I chose is quite remarkable. It features 7 settings which I use on different areas of my body, it is handheld, and it lights up—that's just an added bonus. I was recently introduced to a website discussing the Top Shower Heads, and lo and behold, the brand I selected was listed amongst the best shower heads on the market.

Best Shower Heads HQ lists the HotelSpa Spectrum Ultra-Luxury Disco Color-Changing Handheld Shower Head as one of the best light-up shower heads on the market. While I have the 7 setting shower head, I must agree that HotelSpa creates high-end, high-quality shower heads.

If you are looking for a different type of shower head, then Best Shower Heads HQ has you covered. Head on over to find more information on shower heads, including the best on the market (based on ratings and sales), as well as different types of shower head systems, including:

  • Handheld Shower Heads
  • Waterfall Shower Heads
  • LED Shower Heads
  • Rain SHower Heads
  • Ceiling Mounted Shower Heads
  • Bluetooth Shower Heads

Whether you're looking for the best shower heads for kids, hydrotherapy, or simply for aesthetics, Best Shower Heads HQ has a comprehensive list of top shower heads.

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