Thursday, April 2, 2015

Visionary Art: Psychedelic Bedding Sets and Home Decor from MindCradle

The other day, I told my husband, "I'm on a mission." I didn't know what the mission was, but I had this overwhelming feeling of just needing to take a closer look at my life on a spiritual level. For starters, I wanted to redecorate our bedroom to make it somewhat of a "visionary's haven." As luck would have it, today I was introduced to a company that specializes in visionary art bedding sets and home decor. I truly felt like it was meant to be.

* This is a sponsored post, for which I was compensated. All opinions stated herein are my own.

Enter MindCradle. Here, you'll find psychedelic home decor and bedding that will blow your mind. Vibrantly colored, highly-detailed pieces are featured on MindCradle, all of which were created by incredibly talented artists.

What's so unique about MindCradle, besides their incredible beautiful and highly-detailed bedding sets, is the fact that the business is run independently. Each purchase benefits and supports the artists who design these mystic bedding sets and home decor.

MindCradle Cares About the Earth

Each bedding set is printed and crafted in the United States, using eco-friendly dye-sublimation printing process that leaves absolutely no waste materials. It's not often that you come across an eco-friendly company who takes great care in ensuring that the manufacturing process doesn't harm the earth. It's clear that MindCradle truly cares.

Below, I'd like to share with you two of the incredible pieces that really stood out to me.

Dreamtime Bed Set

Designed by Samuel Farrand

This psychedelic bed set clearly shows the Chakras of the individual as he meditates. The colors, geometric patterns, and the message itself is so unbelievably beautiful!

Celestial Aura Canvas

By Dima Yastronaut

I was drawn to this celestial painting because I felt the message reflects the ascension of mind. The shapes, colors, and designs represents—at least to me—an alternate perception of our reality, that life isn't what it seems, in other words. What an incredible piece!

These visionary pieces of art really make me feel. It's beautiful, meaningful, and induces a positive feeling in me.

Head on over to MindCradle's online catalog and see the visionary bedding for yourself!

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