Thursday, May 28, 2015

Get Your Garden Looking Great - Garden Sprayer By Hosezzle

For the longest time, I was known to kill every plant that I touched. Sadly, I could barely even keep a spider plant alive—one of the most resilient plants out there. It was very discouraging, especially because I come from a long line of men and women who enjoyed, and were particularly good at, gardening.

This year, around the beginning of spring, I decided that I was going to find my inner "green thumb." To start, I purchased an aloe plant. A few weeks ago, my husband set me up an herb garden using an old gutter. It is situated right outside of my dining room window. I've planted watercress, basil, parsley, and chives and so far, all of my plants have been flourishing.

I'm always looking for new ways to make it easier to take care of my plants. Recently, I had the opportunity to try the Garden Sprayer by Hosezzle. I felt that it would be the perfect addition to my gardening journey.

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The Garden Sprayer by Hosezzle is made using premium quality plastic and metal. It features a unique drift and drip guard control, a lock trigger, and an adjustable nozzle. This makes it incredibly easy to use, especially in smaller, hard to reach places.

The Garden Sprayer may be used to water sensitive flowering plants, for pest repellents, or disinfectants. I personally use the sprayer to keep my plants moist in the hot Ohio sun during the warmer months. Also, my aloe plant likes humidity, so the mist option is perfect for this.

The sprayer is larger than I expected it to be. It is a 1500 mL bottle with a flow of 240 mL per minute with the mist option and 1000 mL per minute using the in-line spray setting. To use, you simply remove the nozzle, fill the bottle, pump until there is resistance, then pull the trigger for a steady stream of glorious H20.

I love the way that the Garden Sprayer gets every inch of my plants nice and moist. Under the leaves and down in between the stems is no match for the Garden Sprayer by Hosezzle. The stream is steady and there are no leaks when using. The bottle itself seems to be durable, which I appreciate, especially with little hands around.

This bottle also makes for a great addition to hot summer days. Just pump and mist your face and body to stay cool in the hot summer heat.

Head on over to Amazon to purchase your Garden Sprayer for only $15.97!

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