Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Marketing To Grow Your Product's Reach - Lumiee

Ever since Freelance Lady was launched in 2011, I have had the chance to meet many brilliant individuals and talented creators. Over time, many of these individuals set out on their own, looking to sell products that they had designed with their own two hands. While several of these individuals went on to experience great success, others failed.

In one particular case, there was a young man who was so passionate about his product, but didn't feel the need to reach out to marketing agencies to help him promote it.

As a result, his product flopped. His efforts failed.

Why, you ask?

Well, he assumed that his product was so incredible, so revolutionary, so new that it would "sell itself" and that marketing companies weren't needed. Sadly, that was not true at all and his lack of willingness to reach out for additional help led him to eventually give up on his dreams. Ultimately he sold the rights to his product to another gentlemen who went on to make it a success—with the help of a third-party marketing company.

What young entrepreneurs don't realize is that marketing companies are there for a reason. These companies are there to help those with little to no marketing experience get their product in the public eye and into the minds of consumers. When starting a business, a percentage of your budget should be set aside for marketing purposes, no matter how amazing you believe your product to be.

* This is a sponsored post, for which I was compensated.

Let Lumiee Help Your Grow Your Product's Reach

Retailers, inventors, and distributors are all likely to benefit from marketing help. Lumiee, a marketing company founded in 2015, is one of many marketing companies looking to help you get your product visible to a global audience.

Lumiee, while still relatively new, is a platform dedicated to helping talented designers, artists, and young entrepreneurs promote their products—and hopefully, one day, fulfill their dreams.

Currently, Lumiee is seeking out environmentally friendly products that make life a little less difficult and a little more meaningful. Think motivation, inspiration, and positivity!

In addition to marketing services, Lumiee also provides support to individuals via angel investments and free consultations to discuss commercialization and the steps to get there. Lumiee believes that small changes have the potential to create life-changing impacts and they're here to help you achieve this.

Interested in promoting your product? Check out Lumiee now!

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