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The Healing Power of Onions

We have been using the onion for cooking for many years, but the truth is that this vegetable can be used for many other things as well. It has been proven that the onion has a lot of healing powers which can help you recover faster when you are sick. If you want to learn more about the special qualities of the onion, it is enough simply to look below. You will be surprised for how many things this vegetable can be used and now you have the chance to try some new special recipes.

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A lot of people don't like onions, mostly because of the strong smell they have. This problem can be easily solved with a little clean water. When you have to cut an onion while cooking or doing something else, it is enough to cut the vegetable in half and wash it with water. This way you will not only clean every part of it, but you will also remove the strong smell which is making you cry. After that you will notice that the smell is not so strong any more. This is a useful trick which you can use not only when you are cooking, but also when you are preparing some special remedies. What special healing powers the onion has, you can learn below.

  • Keeping the fever under control – A lot of people don't know that the onion can be used for keeping the fever under control. There are a lot of strong medicines which you can take but this could only make things worse. Instead of risking your health, you can try a safe natural remedy which will definitely give good results. If you put an onion which is cut in half in a room, it will absorb the dangerous bacteria and the illness. After a few hours the person who is sick will start to feel better. In case of a fever, you can cut two slices of the onion and place it on the feet of the sick person. Then you can wrap them with a blanket and leave the person to rest.

  • Cleansing of the body – The strong odour of the onion may repulse you but you will definitely change your mind after you learn how beneficial it is. The onions contain sulfur which is a powerful element that can help you free your organism from the toxins very fast. By including the onion in your daily menu, you will naturally cleanse your organism, especially the liver, from the dangerous toxins. It is not necessary to eat a lot or consummate this vegetable every day, but it is a good idea to include it in your meals at least from time to time.

  • Controlling the blood pressure and cholesterol – Nowadays, the high blood pressure is a common health problem. Therefore, you have to know which are the best ways to keep your blood pressure low, as well as your cholesterol. Instead of taking all kinds of strong medicines with dangerous side effects, you can try a simple but powerful natural remedy. You don't have to do anything special at all. A lot of doctors advise their patients with heart diseases and high blood pressure to eat raw and cooked onion every change they get. You can do the same and you will definitely feel the beneficial effect shortly after that.

Now you know a lot about the healing power of the onions. Don't hesitate to try some of the special natural remedies that include this vegetable. If you want to protect your health and avoid the unpleasant complications, you can just include the onion in your menu. This will be definitely a good decision which will show you how powerful this vegetable really is.

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