Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Transform Your Life - From Caterpillars to Butterflies

Many years ago, I had reached a stagnant point in my life. To put it simply, I was done. Stress, needy people, fake friends, and bad relationships were consuming my life and I was absolutely finished. After reflecting on my situation, I took the initiative to transform my life. It was a rough road, but I came out stronger and happier than I had been in forever.

Sometimes, I look back on that period in my life and wish I had someone to walk through it with me. It would have made the transformation a little less difficult.

If you're in a position in your life that you feel ready to make a change, then I highly recommend having someone to help you through it, such as a life coach.

* This is a sponsored post, for which I was compensated. All opinions stated herein are my own.

Meet Charlene. Charlene is a transformation life coach who started From Caterpillars to Butterflies. Her mission in life is to help individuals transform their lives by finding themselves and ultimately, learning to love who they are. In other words, she teaches "caterpillars" to build cocoons so that they may eventually become "butterflies."

If you want to know if you're ready to make a life change, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you feel like you've been living the same life for the past few years?

Does your daily routine feel stagnant and unsatisfying?

Do you sometimes wish you could pack up and leave—to "run away?"

All of the feelings listed above are signs that there is a change on the horizon—the perfect time for you to "build your cocoon," as Charlene puts it, and to emerge a beautiful butterfly.

Charlene uses her skills to help people write new scripts for their lives. She helps individuals build the tools needed to make the script a reality. You've heard the phrase, "Life is what you make it," and Charlene is here to help you make your life into what you need.

Like many, Charlene experienced a time in her life when nothing was going right. She felt hopeless and unsatisfied. Her transformation began one day at Starbucks inside of a Barnes and Noble. What she saw may seem insignificant to some, it was a sign that forever changed her life. Charlene saw a coffee mug featuring the quote, "Just when the caterpillar though its world was over, it became a butterfly..." The quote affected Charlene deeply and right then and there, she decided to transform herself; to become a butterfly.

From Caterpillars to Butteflies features some beautiful and perfectly fitting analogies, such as the one below:

"Sometimes life puts us into a cocoon to develop us and transform us. Sometimes we say to ourselves, 'Enough is enough,' and we build our own cocoons."

If you're ready to transform your life, then let Charlene help you. She knows that change comes from within and she knows that she cannot simply just tell you what you need. She will teach you to get to know yourself and to love yourself. The transformation doesn't come easy—just as it takes hard work for a caterpillar to build his cocoon—but the results will be life changing.

Are you ready to change your life? Find your wings.

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