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KLIPZ Kidz: Interchangeable Shoes & Accessories Shoes For Kids

Shoes aren't as affordable as they once were, nor are they built like they used to be. My husband and I aren't made of money, so when it comes to shoe shopping for our little ones, we tend to settle on the shoe that provides comfort, durability, while also offering affordability. It's been quite the journey trying to find shoes that fit the bill and last longer than a couple of months, but I think we may have finally found them—and they feature even more benefits than I was looking for!

* Product and/or service provided for review without cost. As always, all opinions are my own.

KLIPZ Kidz is a line of interchangeable footwear and accessories. The "KLIPZ" are attachments that can be fixed to any KLIPZ brand shoe, backpack, or hat.

I was fortunate enough to receive two pairs of KLIPZ Kidz shoes—one pair for my son and one pair for my daughter.

Carter, my son, browsed through the online store with me and settled on the Grey and Silver Tadpole Shoe. He loved the way that the blue, green, and grey looked together.

For my daughter, I opted for the Klipz Whirlpool Girls' Running Shoe. I chose these because my daughter loves pink and it also features other colors to help make it easy to match some of her outfits.

Finally, we settled on two sets of additional accessories, one for my son and one for my daughter.

My son chose the Flame Light Up KLIPZ. As soon as he saw them, he said he had to have them!

For my daughter, I selected the Flower 2 Light Up KLIPZ.

While waiting for the shoes to arrive, Carter kept badgering me about when they would be here. Despite shipping being very swift, Carter just couldn't be patient! Obviously, he was very excited and incredibly anxious to try out his new pair of KLIPZ Kidz Shoes.

On the day that the shoes finally arrived, Carter was bouncing off of the walls with excitement!

Upon opening the boxes, I realized that each pair comes with two sets of KLIPZ. So, we received two sets of KLIPZ, plus the additional light up sets.

The Grey and Silver Tadpole Shoes came with a lime green KLIPZ.

The Whirlpool Girls Running Shoe came with a silver set of KLIPZ.

Each pair of shoes also featured hook and loop straps that make it super easy for little ones to put on in a hurry. My daughter, who is two, can slip these shoes on with ease and strap them herself.

I preferred the blue KLIPZ on my son's shoes and the silver KLIPZ on my daughter's shoes, but of course, they preferred the light-up accessories. These accessories were the most exciting part about the shoes for both Carter and Ireland.

Carter liked that his look like they were "on fire."

Ireland, being two, just liked the fact that they lit up period.

What I like most about the shoes is that they are high-quality, but also affordable. The Grey and Silver Tadpole and the Silver and Pink Whirlpool shoes are on sale at the time of this post for $29.95 each. The actual retail price is $44.95, which is still incredibly reasonable in my opinion—especially when considering the quality of the shoes.

Perhaps the greatest benefit was that whenever you switch out the KLIPZ, the shoes is transformed to what looks like a brand new shoe altogether! You can match your shoes to any of your child's outfits without having to pay the price of a new pair of shoes!

Here are each set of KLIPZ on my daughter's shoes.

Each pair looks completely different, even though it's only the KLIPZ that have been switched out!

Also, the KLIPZ so easy to change. We had absolutely no issues with them. They simply snap on and snap off, but once they're on, they're secure enough to stay on with the general rough-housing and running that children seem to enjoy.

Here are the three sets of KLIPZ on my son's shoes.

How cool is it that you can switch out one item on the shoe to create a brand new shoe? My son though these were the "coolest invention ever!"

Overall, I am incredibly impressed with these shoes and they come highly recommended from me. They are durable, easy to use, and affordable—not to mention interchangeable which makes it easy to match them to your child's mood or clothing.

Right now, there is a sale on the KLIPZ Kidz website, so don't miss out! Head on over to the website to pick up your first pair of KLIPZ Kidz shoes!

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