Monday, August 17, 2015

Add Strength, Shine, and Amazing Fragrance to Your Hair

If you follow Freelance Lady, you know that I've been working hard to improve the health of my hair. I recently made the switch to natural products, in hopes of strengthening my weak, brittle hair.

* Product and/or service provided without cost for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own.

I recently had the opportunity to try Tru Moroccan Repair Shampoo in combination with the Tru Moroccan Repair Conditioner (you can read the separate conditioner review here).

First and foremost, Tru Moroccan Repair Shampoo contains no parabens, pabas, sulfates, artificial colors, additives, or impurities. The product is not tested on animals, nor does it use any ingredients derived from animals, so it is 100% Cruelty Free. The product is also made in the United States in an FDA Certified facility.

Secondly, Tru Moroccan Repair Shampoo is also affordable, on sale as of 8/17/2015 for only $11.87 and eligible for Amazon Prime. The actual list price is $34.95, which, in my opinion, is a bit steep. However, I believe that around $12 is absolutely reasonable, especially when it works.

If the price steers you away, you'll want to consider that you don't need a lot of product to see results. A quarter-sized amount of shampoo should be sufficient for medium-length hair. I have very long hair, and use about a half-dollar sized amount. The formula is very thick, so it goes a long way. With that said, the product is almost guaranteed to last you a good long while.

I'm huge on scents, and I love the smell of this shampoo. If you're familiar with the fragrance "Lovespell" by Victoria's Secret, that's what I would compare it to. It's slightly citrus-y and floral, but not overpoweringly so. I assume that the fragrance comes from some of the main ingredients like Gotu Hola, Horsetail, Dandelion, and Wild Geranium.

Now, the product isn't designed to lather like chemical-laden shampoos. With that said, however, it does lather, and it lathers enough to get your hair nice and clean. Squeaky clean, as a matter of fact!

Tru Moroccan Repair Shampoo is gentle and it is designed to strengthen and restructure the shaft and cuticles of the hair to create beautiful, soft, touchable hair. It is perfect for all hair types, including color-treated hair (which mine is). To give you an idea of how great it is for different hair types, my husband has been using the shampoo and the conditioner to wash and condition his beard. He has been talking quite a bit about how soft and tame his beard is, and how amazing it smells after washing.

My hair is naturally wavy (although I straighten it from time to time) and protein sensitive. This shampoo works amazingly on my hair. It makes it soft, manageable, and shiny, and it smells absolutely amazing after washing.

Overall, I absolutely recommend Tru Moroccan Repair Shampoo! It makes your hair smell amazing, while building strength and adding shine. Definitely a winner in my book!

Head on over to Amazon to pick up your bottle of natural Tru Moroccan Shampoo!

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