Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Nature-Inspired Artwork from Land of Cones

I love art. More specifically, I love nature-inspired art. Capturing the true beauty of nature through drawing is an incredible talent that I have long admired and supported. For about a year, I've gotten deep into nature-inspired art and enjoy browsing online for original pieces. When I visit flea markets, I love to stop in and look at some of the artwork created by local artists.

If you're in search of nature-inspired artwork featured on products, consider checking out Land of Cones. Land of Cones is an online website with work that is nature-inspired. Marta, a graphic designer from Europe, has created these collections to share and sell her artwork to interested buyers. I am particularly inspired by her On The Nature's Path collection.

* This is a sponsored post, for which I was compensated.

It's clear that Marta has a love for animals, wildlife, and exploration in general, based on the artwork available in her online shop.

She recently expanded her shop to include Pencil Drawings of Animals. This collection features two drawing, one of a muskox, and one of a rabbit. Both pieces of artwork are imprinted on throw pillows and are currently available for purchase.

The raw, traditional drawing technique used by Marta in the Pencil Drawings of Animals collection gives the artwork a "grunge" look which would make a conversation piece for any home decor. Like nature, Marta's artwork is perfectly imperfect.

If you're interested in purchasing some of Marta's artwork products, feel free to check out Land of Cones on Zazzle. Don't forget to also check out her Pencil Drawings of Animals collection.

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