Friday, August 21, 2015

Stop "Alcohol Abuse" with the Ozeri Electric Wine Opener

Last weekend, my sister stopped by with a bottle of wine. We intended to have a few glasses and just enjoy one another's company. We're both moms, so we're both busy throughout the week—her with work and me with homeschooling—and we like to take a day to unwind every now and then.

So, we had a bottle of wine and were ready to crack 'er open, but I couldn't find my corkscrew! After about 30 minutes of searching, it was nowhere to be found, so I took to Pinterest to find different ways to open a bottle of wine. Unfortunately, none of those ways worked for me. After having tried a screwdriver, pair of scissors, and a hammer, I gave up and just pushed the cork into the bottle (and had wine sprayed all over my face as a result). Despite the mess, it was a success.

A few days later, I received an email from the ever-so-lovely Ozeri, who gave me the opportunity to review their Electric Wine Opener. Of course, this product would have been better received a few days prior, but it was still a product that I definitely needed to avoid any further "alcohol abuse."

* Product and/or service provided for review without cost. As always, all opinions are my own.

When I received the Ozeri Electric Wine Opener, I was quite impressed with its size. I really didn't expect such a large box. Upon opening, I realized why. There were several different pieces including the wine opener itself, a charging stand, a charger, a foil cutter, a wine aerator, and the instruction manual.

The stand is very sleek and smooth. It seems to be lined with a silicone-like material. The wine opener sits vertically in the stand during charging and when not in use.

The stand features a jack for the AC Adapter so that it may charge in its stand.

Also in the package was the foil cutter. It is a U-shaped contraption.

The other side features the blades for cutting the foil off of your delicious bottle of wine.

The foil cutter fits snugly onto the back of the charging stand, which I appreciated. I hate having random kitchen gadgets just lying around in a drawer.

The other accessory included in the package was the aerator. This bad boy introduces air into wines (red wine, in particular) with increases the aromatic profile of your drink.

The Electric Wine Opener itself is a very sleek design. It features chrome on both top and bottom, the button to run the corkscrew, and it is easily gripped.

Because of the sleek, clean design, the Ozeri Electric Wine Opener looks great on any countertop.

Now, I can enjoy a bottle of wine without shooting most of it into my eye. Thanks, Ozeri!

Pick up your Ozeri Electric Wine Opener for $28.95 (currently on sale for $18.99 as of 8/21/2015).

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