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Walk Light, Live Right: Hey Dude Shoes

With fall right around the corner, a nice pair of boots is a must for any woman. I typically go for several different pairs of boots, each in a different style. Calf-high, booties, and of course, the traditional standard work-boot (in feminine colors) are my top choices.

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I had the opportunity to work with Hey Dude Shoes recently, and I was over the moon! They had some amazing affordable shoes for women available, so I couldn't wait to browse their catalog to find one that suited my fall style.

If you're not familiar with Hey Dude Shoes, then you may want to get yourself acquainted. The revolutionary shoe brand was founded in 2010. Hey Dude Shoes "combines the lightness and comfort of a pair of sandals with the styles of your favorite shoes." Using Flex & Fold Technology, the brand is able to produce shoes that provide style and support, while weighing less.

What's even better is that when you shop with Hey Dude Shoes, you're not limited to boring styles. They have several different types of shoes available, fit for both hiking and the office and everything in between.

Needless to say, after familiarizing myself with the company and their mission, I was extremely excited about this collaboration. I immediately started trying to find out which pair I wanted to try. It took awhile to settle on one pair, but the Abetone Lady Pink style caught my eye. What really stood out to me about these boots (besides how awesome they look), is that they are an all-purpose, outdoor winter boot.

When the boots arrived, I was pretty amazed at how incredibly light they were. Some people might associate low-weight with "cheap" materials, but I certainly don't believe that to be the case. After trying the shoes on and walking around in them a bit, I was impressed with how comfortable and durable they felt on my feet. It's something you'll have to feel to believe.

The boots feature a small heel, about an inch and a half in height. This allows you to tread through puddles of rain water or piles of snow with ease.

The lining inside of the shoe is wool, which provides comfort and warmth for the cooler months. After trying them on, my feet were immediately warmed up, something I know I will appreciate during the brutally cold winters we've been having here in Ohio.

The collar on the shoe is padded and the laces are enforced with steel to provide added strength and durability to the boot. I love the flannel collar, and feel that it adds even more flair and personality.

The sole is rubber, and had quite a bit of tread. While they are not slip-resistant, they do seem to have some good traction from what I've experienced so far.

For an added touch of flair, the Hey Dude Shoes logo is featured on the tongue of the shoe so that you can show off the brand while you dress in style.

I wear a size 9 shoe, but I typically size up to a 9.5. In this case, I did not size up and simply stuck with the 9. I'm honestly happy that I didn't go up a half-size because the 9s fit me so well. The boot was definitely true to size, something that I appreciate.

One final point that I'd like to discuss regarding the pair of boots that I received is that there were some very minor imperfections, in terms of color (nothing that affected the workmanship). I didn't think anything of it, but when I read this tag, I thought it was kind of neat:

Possible imperfections or discrepancies in color and look are due to a completely hand-made manufacturing effect on each piece. This particular irregularity makes each piece unique.

That's just one more reason to love Hey Dude Shoes, because each pair is its own, and no two are completely 100% the same.

So, how are the shoes so comfortable when they're so light?

To answer this question, I did a little browsing around on the Hey Dude Shoes website. What I found is that each shoe is made with the "perfect mix of EVA and rubber." Rubbers provide elasticity to the soles and the EVA allows the shoes to remain light.

The insoles are 1/2 inch thick at the heel and over 1/8 inch thick at the toe. If you look inside, you'll see that there are perforations on the insole. The top of the insole is made of pig skin and is designed to protect the sole and also allow your skin to breathe.

Now, we all know that insoles eventually wear down and become flat. Well, Hey Dude Shoes gives you the option to purchase replacement soles to "recharge your shoes." Alternatively, you can pick up your favorite insoles and just slide them right in.

I love these boots from Hey Dude Shoes!

Overall, I am in love with my pair of Abetone Lady Pink boots from Hey Dude Shoes. The boots are not only absolutely lovely, but they're also lightweight, durable, and supportive. I highly recommend Hey Dude Shoes, and especially this particular pair of boots.

If you're interested in picking up your own pair of lightweight shoes, head on over to Hey Dude Shoes to view their catalog.

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