Sunday, July 10, 2016

Carriage Hill MetroPark: Huber Heights, Ohio

Carriage Hill MetroPark is located in Huber Heights, Ohio, and is a fun, historical destination for adults and children alike.

We visit Carriage Hill often because it's only a fifteen minute drive away. I've written about Carriage Hill MetroPark before on Freelance Lady.

At the Visitor Center, they have a model of an old one-room school house, as well as a barn/stable area where children can build their own creations with blocks.

At the Historical Farm, you can see (pet at your own risk) cows, sheep, goats, and horses!

If you're not up for doing much, Carriage Hill is a beautiful place to relax as well.

More than 50 years of natural succession at Carriage Hill provides forests, meadows, and prairies to explore. This old-time farm was built in the 1880s and today, you can visit it and see farm animals, ride horses, and even pick out penny candy in the Country Store. They also have a large lake (Cedar Lake) where you can fish without a license.

Interested in learning more about Carriage Hill?

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