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Cheap, Affordable Plus Size Fashions - Renaissance, Victorian, Gothic, Steampunk

As cliché as it sounds, women come in so many different shapes and sizes. We've all experienced the struggle that comes with finding trendy clothing to fit our different—and sometimes ever-changing—body types. Unfortunately, it's a cruel world out there where sizes hardly make any sense.

Shopping becomes even more challenging when searching for plus size clothing for women because we need extra fabric to cover our extra inches. You can add another level of difficulty if you're a plus size woman searching for specific styles, such as:

  • Plus Size Renaissance Costumes
  • Plus Size Victorian-Inspired Clothes
  • Plus Size Gothic Clothing
  • Plus Size Steampunk Apparel

Luckily, because I love my readers (and fashion) so much, I set out on a mission. My goal was to find a company that specializes in the aforementioned styles while also catering to plus size women. But that wasn't all! I also wanted the company to offer cheap plus size clothing that people could actually afford.

What I found is a company that you're going to love!

* Product provided for review purposes without charge. As always, all opinions are my own.

Enter Dare to Wear

Dare to Wear is an online clothing store with plus sizes and styles that are hard to come by. Stylish plus size dresses, plus size tops, and leggings are all available in their online shop. Oh, and did I mention that this plus size clothing store ships internationally?


Just click the link above for your Dare to Wear discount code!

This company really understands just how difficult it is for us to find alluring, sexy clothes that actually fit. They're aware of the misconception that bigger women don't care about how they look. Sadly, this misconception only exists because plus size women often settle for frumpy floral prints or solid colored t-shirts because that's all that we have to choose from.

Luckily, Dare to Wear just gets it. This is why they offer some of the following plus size Renaissance, steampunk, Gothic, and Victorian fashions for women sizes S to 5X.

I bet you're taking a deep breath right now. You can finally rejoice! Dare to Wear has thrown out that terrible misconception that plagues plus size women around the world.

Here at Dare Fashion, we believe that women of all shapes and sizes have a right to clothes that make them look and feel beautiful. With this in mind, we create fabulous, fun, and affordable clothing that is designed to flatter the curvy figure.

Influenced by many styles, Dare to Wear is a plus size store that just knows what women need. Some of the styles they offer are below:

  • Victorian
  • Renaissance
  • Romantic
  • Goth
  • Harajuku

After browsing through the Dare to Wear "About Us" page and their catalog, I knew that they were a company I had to reach out to. I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of the clothing available. The tops were edgy yet feminine. The dresses were elegant yet flirty. I literally spent over an hour browsing the clothes because I was so captivated by the beauty of the styles and the fact that they had sizes up to 5X!

There were two shirts that caught my eye and I was lucky enough to score the Sweetheart Top in Blue Violet. If you're familiar with the Sweetheart style neckline, you can see where this shirt gets its name. This is one of the best-selling styles from Dare to Wear.

The top features blue-violet stretch lace sewn atop black stretch lining. The neckline is cinched in the middle, allowing it to enhance the bust. Under the bodice is a corset-style lace-up. At the bottom, the shirt tapers off in a baby doll style. It also ties in the back for a custom fit.

This shirt is only $59.99, but my first thought was that it could easily sell for $100 or more. The quality is outstanding—great stretch, quality lace and fabric, and it fits very, very well. What you see in the images on the Dare to Wear website is exactly what you're going to get. High-quality clothing for plus size women is no longer a dream out of reach.

Of course, the top looks absolutely stunning hanging up on a coat hanger, but trust me. It looks WAY better when it's on a body.

See for yourself!

And obviously I had to do the "oh-so-original" selfie mirror picture. :)

92% Polyester, 8% Spandex
Machine wash cold, line dry
Made in San Francisco, USA
Obviously I had to do the "oh-so-original" selfie mirror picture.

This shirt is absolutely phenomenal! I feel so attractive when I'm wearing it. Even my husband remarked about how nice it is (and he's quite the picky fellow when it comes to fashion).

My wardrobe is full of drab colors so to have a colorful top that actually looks and feels amazing is a huge plus for me. I look forward to picking up more shirts from Dare to Wear.

The floral lace details are SO pretty and they allow the shirt to be dressed up or dressed down. Throw on a pair of jeans and some black flats and you have a casual outfit. Put on a pair of slacks and a pair of pumps and you have an outfit proper enough for work.

So versatile!

The shirt is blue-violet lace with a black lining underneath. The back ties with a spaghetti tie for a custom fit. If you're a little bloated one week, but not the next, just adjust the spaghetti tie to get the shirt fitting just right.

The shirt hangs in the baby doll style at the hips, so it hides my problem areas, but at the same time accentuates my waist, making it look more narrow.

The best part about this shirt, in my opinion, is the little corset-style lace-up under the bodice in the front of the shirt.

The corset-style lace-up detail tones down my midsection, but enhances my bust.

To give you an even better idea of the fit, take a look at the two images below.

You don't see a frumpy shirt that hangs awkwardly around the midsection. You see a beautiful, accentuated plus size figure.

Ways to Wear Plus Size Sweetheart Top

Plus Size Night Life Outfit

Because the Sweetheart Top is sultry and sexy, it's super easy to dress up for a night on the town or at your favorite party venue. Just add a pair of booties and a pair of black dress shorts to make this the perfect outfit for having some fun! If you're feeling extra bold, you can even add some temporary dye to your locks to bring the entire outfit together!

Plus Size Renaissance Pirate Outfit

The corset-style lace-up detail in the front makes this the perfect shirt for a trip to the Ren Faire. Pair it with pirate pants, knee-high boots, and some accessories, such as an eye-patch and lots of gold, and you'll be the hottest pirate at the fair!

Plus Size Work/Interview Outfit

A pair of black slacks, black pumps, and a few simple accessories turn this sultry top into a business style that's perfect for an employee outing or even an interview.

Did I mention it was versatile?

So, if you like what you've seen so far, you'll also be excited to know that, as mentioned previously, Dare to Wear carries sizes US Small to 5X. To ensure proper fit, be sure to check out their size chart.

The shirt that I received is a 1X. I am normally a US size 14-16.

If you happen to pick up a top from Dare to Wear but don't love the way your shirt fits, you can return it; no questions asked. Read more about the Dare to Wear return policy.

So, you think you have all of the good news that you can handle today, but before you go, I'd also like to let you know about Dare to Wear's REFER A FRIEND program. You can get $20 for each friend that makes a purchase and coupons are good for one year!

I hope that you take a moment to check out Dare to Wear's Plus Size Fashions. You're going to love what you find!

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