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How To Maximize Your Earnings as an Adult Webcam Model

Learn how to make more money as an adult webcam model. These tips and tricks will help you convince others to purchase private shows.

So, you've made it in the adult entertainment industry. Most web cam models know how to earn money. They understand that to get paid, you have to convince watchers to purchase private shows. But how you do that is another story, and that's what I'm here to help you with today.
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Internet Modeling Does It's Part

If you're a webcam model with Internet Modeling, you're already a part of the best webcam modeling network out there. Internet Modeling recognizes that their models want to earn money, so they maximize your exposure by featuring you on dozens of adult websites. This allows you to appeal to a larger client base.

Dress The Part

Think about your clientele. Are you a woman looking for men to entertain? If so, ask your male friends what they find most attractive about the way a woman dresses. If you find a common answer, then use that to your advantage in your webcam modeling sessions.

You might be interested to find that men are attracted to women who appear innocent, but are actually quite naughty underneath. With that said, purchasing frilly dresses with super sexy lingerie underneath might be all you need to do to get some paying customers. Spicy Legs offers lingerie starting at $1.57. This is an affordable option for lingerie and other sexy costumes and toys.

Act The Part

As a webcam model, you get what you put in. Most models tend to fail when it comes to "acting" and in the adult entertainment industry, acting is number one. You're not just an attractive face and a beautiful body. You're an actor/actress. Sometimes, as an actor/actress, you must step outside of your comfort zone to earn more money. There will be times that clients will ask you to be a completely different person and you must do it convincingly so. If you can't pull it off, then chances are the client will go on to pay someone else.

Convincing "watchers" and "lurkers" to purchase private shows can be a challenge! Because only 15% of customers actually buy a paid show, that means a whopping 85% do not. Those are Internet Modeling's statistics, and believe it or not 15% is much higher than other webcam modeling websites.

With that said, you have to work hard to sell a show. Surprisingly, this is typically done by paying attention to those who do not engage with you. If someone isn't typing it up in the chat box, call them out flirtatiously. Most non-chatters are the ones scoping you out, trying to find out if you're who they want to see or not. Most of the time, these are the customers that spend the most money.

Remember that nudity is only allowed in private chat, although a couple of flashes here and there are accepted in order to coerce customers to "buy your time."

What To Do in a Private Adult Chat

So, you convinced the watcher to buy a private show. What do you do now? Well, what you choose to do in a private chat is up to you, but usually clients have an idea of what they want as soon as they purchase a private webcam show. You are not obligated to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, but it should be noted that what you're unwilling to do in private chat, the next model will. You also mustn't forget that you're paid by the minute, so beating around the bush can cause you to lose paying clients, and in turn, lose money.

Sign Up to Become an Adult Webcam Model

If you're an attractive male or female (all shapes and sizes welcome), at least 18 years old (with proof), and not camera shy, you may be able to earn thousands of dollars per month as an adult webcam model for Internet Modeling. Models from Internet Modeling earn $0.80 per minute for regular sessions and $1 per minute for private sessions. Average earnings are between $500 and $1,000 per week for part-time (20-25 hours weekly). Others earn much more.

If you're more into selling photographs as opposed to appearing in live video, you can earn money with Extra Lunch Money. They'll allow you to sell nude photos—and you set the price.

Needless to say, this is a lucrative career choice and one that many are flocking to.

For more information on requirements and the equipment required, check out my post "High Paying Adult Entertainment Online Jobs."

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