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5 Health Benefits of Using a Pedometer + Ozeri 4x3sport Tri-Mode Activity Tracker Review

The true key to getting healthy is to make small changes, one day at a time, one week at a time, or even one month at a time. It's all about your pace. Make one change, and when you feel that you're ready, make another! It's really that simple. And one super easy change to make is to walk more!

Walking has so many benefits. Aside from maintaining a healthy weight, walking can also prevent or manage numerous health conditions (such as high blood pressure or heart disease), strengthen your muscles, and improve balance and coordination.

If you're thinking about adding walks to your daily routine, a great way to get started is by investing in a pedometer.

* Product and/or service provided for review without cost. As always, all opinions are my own.

A pedometer is a small device—about the length of a credit card and the width of a cell phone—that estimates the amount of steps you take per day. This information will help you learn more about your daily routine and how many calories you burn. But that's not all!

Pedometers are beneficial is several different ways, which I've outlined for you below:

Goal Setting

Thanks to advances in technology, most of today's pedometers allow the user to set goals or a "daily target." By setting goals, you know what's expected of you. Therefore, you're likely to work harder to hit your mark.

Get Motivated

You know how an exercise buddy helps you stay motivated? Well, consider a pedometer an exercise partner, although much, much smaller. At the end of the day, you don't need an exercise buddy to tell you how great you did because your pedometer will let you know whether you hit your mark or fell short.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Your pedometer will teach you to hold yourself accountable. When you look at your pedometer before bed and see that you didn't reach your goal, you'll know to up the ante the next day.

Learn More

With a pedometer, you'll have a better idea of how many steps you take in a typical day. Once you know those numbers, you'll be able to better estimate how many more steps you need to burn more calories.

Be Healthy!

Several studies have proven that people who use pedometers lose more weight when compared to people who don't use pedometers.

And of course, pedometers today do much more than track your steps! If you're in the market for a pedometer, I know of one you might like—and it's super affordable!

The Ozeri 4x3sport Tri-Mode Activity Tracker is a quality pedometer because of it's ability to count steps while walking, running, or climbing stairs. This separates it from other standard pedometers which require a specific type of movement for accurate results. The Ozeri pedometer, however, utilizes Multi-Axis Detection to provide superior accuracy for three different activities!

What's so great about the Ozeri pedometer?

With the Ozeri pedometer, you can record daily steps, know how many calories you've burned, calculate time spent exercising, and set a daily goal. The pedometer itself also has several other features that make it a favorite of mine:

  • Clock
  • Calendar
  • Auto-sleep Technology
  • Super Slim
  • Large Buttons
The pedometer comes with everything you need (batteries included) in a small box. You'll receive a small screw driver, a lanyard, an ankle strap, and the instruction manual.

How to Setup an Ozeri Pedometer

Set up is incredibly easy. The manual walks you through everything. After removing the film from the front and the battery protector in the back, you can begin set up.

First, you'll be prompted to enter your walking stride, running stride, and stair climbing stride.

How to Calculate Your Stride
Calculate your stride by marking a starting point on your floor. From that point, walk 10 steps, then measure the distance and divide it by 10. That is your stride. Calculate your running stride the same way. To calculate stair climbing, just measure your stride from edge to edge. Since most stairs are the same size, you don't need an average.

Next, you'll enter your weight. This is to determine how many calories you burn.

After entering the time and date, you'll be prompted to enter a daily goal.

Once you've completed all of the steps in the instruction manual, your steps should start at "0" and the pedometer is ready for use!

My son wanted to try it out so I put in his weight, his stride, and put it on walk mode. He started walking around the house and was super excited to read that he had gone over 250 steps.

Only One Complaint

After my son was finished with the pedometer, I used it to go for a walk around the block with our new puppy. I had to reset the entire pedometer to enter my information. This was kind of a pain, so if there was an option to add more than one user, it would make this pedometer 10 times better!

Grab your Ozeri Pedometer today!

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