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Affordable Alternative Plus-Size Fashions + Vampire Costume Idea: Dare to Wear

In case you missed it, back in July, I wrote about Dare to Wear, a Renaissance, Victorian, Gothic, Steampunk, and Rockabilly-inspired fashion line. I reviewed their beautiful, sultry Sweetheart Top in Blue Violet (and even wore it to the Renaissance Festival this year).

I'm honored to have the opportunity to work with Dare to Wear again. The top that I received last time was comfortable, flattering, and the quality was impressive. Needless to say, the chance to work with them again was extremely exciting for me!

* Product and/or service provided for review without cost. As always, all opinions are my own. Please view my full disclosure.

If you haven't already and have a little time to spare, read through my review of the Sweetheart Top in Blue Violet to gather more information about the brand or check out Dare to Wear's "About" page. I'm going to recap a little bit of the information here, for any new readers.

What is Dare to Wear?

Dare to Wear is an online clothing store that features styles that are hard to come by, including, but not limited to:

  • Renaissance
  • Victorian-Inspired
  • Gothic
  • Steampunk

They have stylish dresses, tops, and leggings, all available online and in plus-sizes (S to 5X). They ship internationally, so no matter where you are in the world, you, too, can feel fabulous in Dare to Wear fashion.


Just click the link above for your Dare to Wear discount code!

From my experience, Dare to Wear really understands the difficulty of finding sexy clothes that fit, as well as the struggle finding affordable plus-size clothing!

This quick quote from the company can give you a better idea of their mission:

Here at Dare Fashion, we believe that women of all shapes and sizes have a right to clothes that make them look and feel beautiful. With this in mind, we create fabulous, fun, and affordable clothing that is designed to flatter the curvy figure.

Plus-Size Renaissance/Vampire Style Top 

After browsing Dare to Wear's catalog, I was entranced, yet again, with their gorgeous selection! After a good twenty minutes or so, I finally settled on the Electra Top in Garnet.

I chose this top because of the versatility; it can be laced all the way for a form-fit, or loosened for more of a flared look toward the bottom.

From what I could see, it looked sexy, sultry, and I had a few ideas in mind for how it could be worn. I couldn't wait to get it in the mail!

The Electra Top features a sweetheart neckline that's revealing but won't have you feeling exposed. The bust area is cinched, giving a little "boost" to the chest-area.

I love the empire-waist cut, as it flatters my figure. The 60% rayon, 40% polyester blend doesn't cling to my skin so I felt very confident and comfortable.

At the hem and sleeves, there are sweet lace accents. These give the shirt a more feminine appeal. The spaghetti ties in the back allow for a more custom fit, so if you're in-between sizes, you'll appreciate the ability to make adjustments!

Even with the grommets, ribbons, and lace, the top is so comfortable! There is no scraping, tugging, or scratchiness when I'm wearing the top. It flows nicely and it has become an absolute favorite of mine.

I love the mysteriousness that it conveys and I love that it can be transformed to suit my taste, whether I want Renaissance wear, a Halloween costume, or even a Gothic-style outfit.

Along with the Electra Top, I also received the Harmony Leggings. After putting the two pieces together, I instantly fell in love!

The Harmony Leggings are essentials. They have a two-inch elastic waist band that holds in my midsection and never slides down. It fits just below my belly button and stays perfectly in place. The fit is nice and tight without squeezing, but while still revealing your curves and slimming out any imperfections.

They have beautiful lace at the ends which you can show off with heels or cover up with boots.

They're long, but not too long—a style in between cropped and full (23" inseam). 

One thing that I appreciated was that the leggings are NOT see through at all! It's a soft cotton/polyester blend, but it won't reveal your panties underneath.

I feel so pretty and feminine in this outfit.

The Electra Top is $69.99 and the Harmony Leggings are $29.99 and both are built to last for a very long time. Both are very well-made, and flattering.

How to Wear Dare to Wear Fashions

While you might look at Dare to Wear's styles and think, "I couldn't wear that everyday," the truth is that you can. The styles can be dressed up, dressed down, and used in costumes. The styles are incredibly versatile.

To give you an idea of what you can do with Dare to Wear styles, check out my templates below. I've used the Electra Top in Garnet to show you a few outfit ideas and a costume idea.

Many of their styles are super versatile and can be dressed up, dressed down, or even used in costumes.

Fashion Outfit Ideas for Dare to Wear

Fall Fashion

This style pairs the Electra Top in Garnet and the Harmony Leggings with a solid black scarf, burgundy rain boots, and feathery earrings for a fall look that won't be forgotten. You can wear this style anywhere—running errands, to the grocery store, or even around the house.

Sexy Black Out

If you want to dress up the look a little bit while still remaining a little mysterious, try pairing the top and leggings with a pair of solid black pumps. Accessorize with a burgundy neck tie, an alternative bracelet, and dark burgundy or black lipstick.

Vampire Costume

Since Halloween is right around the corner, you can start planning your costume now! Dare to Wear's Electra Top and Harmony Leggings work well as a starter for a vampire costume. Pair with sexy kitten heels, lace wrist warmers, a dagger chain, vampire teeth, and a long, black cloak.

If you happen to pick up a top from Dare to Wear but don't love the way it fits, you can return it; no questions asked. Read more about the Dare to Wear return policy.

Dare to Wear also has a REFER A FRIEND program where you can receive $20 for each friend that makes a purchase. Coupons are good for one year!

So, if you're in the market for new fashions, give Dare to Wear a try. You won't regret it! Check out Dare to Wear's online catalog.

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