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Dress Up Your Wardrobe with DRESSOLE

Last month, I did a review on a DRESSOLE Vintage Handbag Set. At the time of writing the review, the price was $44 for not one, but two handbags. I fell in love with the style and design of the bags and was eager to tell the world about this new fashion brand.

* Product and/or service provided for review without cost. As always, all opinions are my own. Please view my full disclosure.

DRESSOLE, an Amazon-based fashion label, is relatively new to Amazon and are slowly but surely rolling out new fashions. After having reviewed the handbag, the company reached out to me and asked if I would like to try their sleeveless sweater coat for fall. Because I loved the quality of the bags, I couldn't wait to try the sleeveless sweater vest.

While looking at the product description and the up-close photos of the sweater vest, I immediately knew it was going to be a versatile piece in my wardrobe. In the above image, you can see how a basic turtleneck and pair of leggings can be transformed into a fall-ready outfit with the sweater vest and a pair of boots.

Before the sweater even arrived I had dreamed up different ways to wear it!

After pushing my daydream aside for a moment, I looked at their size chart and decided that a L/XL would be best for my body size. I've included their size information for the sweater vest below:

Size Information: (Sizes are measured in flat-laid position, hand measurement will have discrepancy of about 2CM)

Size M/L: Length: 31.5inches/80cm


Within a couple of days, the sweater vest arrived in the mail. Upon opening the package, the first thing I noticed was the texture. It's a blend of wool, acrylic, and cotton yarns and it is surprisingly soft. Usually, when I think of wool, I think of an itchy sweater—that certainly was not the case with this sweater vest.

The intricately woven colorful yarns allow this sweater to be matched with several different colors. If you're into more basic fashion, like myself, you can stick to wearing it with solid colors like black.

I loved the geometric patterns on the bottom of the sweater vest. It added an extra dimension to the piece and gave it a tribal feel.

The sweater vest is very warm. Despite being sleeveless, I felt comfortable in it all day, even when the morning temperatures plummeted to 40 degrees.

I love that the sweater vest is asymmetrical; longer in the front and shorter in the back. The tassels at the bottom really finish off the look.

It's thick enough to be worn on those cool, fall nights or during those cold, winter nights when you want to cuddle next to the fireplace. If the fall weather where you live is too warm, you can wear it with short sleeves, too!

To wash, DRESSOLE recommends hand-washing, and no bleach. To dry, you can lie it flat.

Overall, this is a great buy—for only $35 with free Prime shipping, the price really can't be beat.

You can wear this top with a tank top, short sleeves, long sleeves, sweaters, or regular blouses. Below, I've put together three different outfits just so that you can get an idea of how easy it is to mix and match this sweater vest.

Bonfire with Friends

Because the sweater vest has reds in the fabric, you can really bring them out by pairing a cream and burgundy flannel button-up with blood red leggings, your favorite pair of fall boots, and a pair of festive Autumn earrings.

Date Night

Want to wear the sweater vest with jeans? Easy! Just pair it with a short-sleeve top, a pair of tan leather boots, and you're good to go! Add in some fun accessories to take the look up a notch.

Employee Outing

Who says you can't dress up a sweater vest? If you're going on an employee outing or looking for some way to wear your sweater vest for a more formal occasion, get creative! Try wearing a sweater dress under the vest and pair it with leggings and your favorite pair of high heels.

Needless to say, this fall, if you're looking for something different to add to your wardrobe, this sleeveless sweater vest would be it!

Head on over to Amazon to pick up your sweater vest!

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